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    Thank you for visiting Razaels Revenge Gaming. This is a video game website dedicated to a more casual audience. I know, I said the dirty word "casual" on a gaming site. Must not be credible, right? I've been personally gaming since 1988. I've seen things and was there knee-deep in gaming when most were still figuring out their primary colors.

     R.R.G is geared more towards the "busy" gamer who gets their gaming news and other information when they can. Myself, and two other contributors, put content on here whenever we can because we too, have lives to live outside of gaming like a lot of other people. We at R.R.G will not report on every time Mr. Druckmann scratches his ass or every time some Hollywood celebrity says something dumb for clout purposes to try and stay relevant in everyone's mind. We simply have better things to do than, ultimately, stalk these people and wait breathlessly for them to throw table scraps out into the wild.

    We aim for weekly pieces of news (usually publishing Fri-Sun) ranging from video games, card games like MtG, all the way to table-top games like D&D and Warhammer. We will also put up game reviews whenever we have time to actually sit down and complete a game to do a review on. We would love your support by sharing the website around, and by following R.R.G on all of the social media outlets we are currently on(located up in the top right of every page). Following us all on our individual social media profiles is also a much better way to get to know everyone involved with R.R.G. Much like Fight Club, we are an organization and we work towards making R.R.G successful, but we are also autonomous and do our own things too. Visit the
creators tab for the other two collaborator's links; mine is simply R.R.G itself.

    This sounds rough, and not like most other games industry websites you probably visit/follow, and that's because we aren't like them. Literally none of us are getting paid to do any of this and its something we do in our spare time because we enjoy doing it. Hopefully you guys will find our "normie/realistic" take on everything refreshing compared to the typical stuff you'll find with the mainstream mouthpieces.

Jared McKenzie

Razaels Revenge Gaming, Founder.

3D Hero is an amazing Content Creator and someone I like to bother ever so often with dumb questions and Tweets.
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Just felt like helping to spread his work around to hopefully get him booked more and more! FBI Tugboat everyone! Or Jordan Fitzpatrick if you want to get all formal. He's a great dude that I know personally here in the local area.

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You might have noticed I have a Forum for this page. I included the forum to help people try and connect with each other, discuss topics about the gaming industry, and to maybe even try and get together to do streams or podcasts with one another.

Just a small way that I am trying to garner a gaming community to make things easier for people in the gaming industry(this includes content creators) to meet people and expand their network.