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     Thank you for visiting Razaels Revenge Gaming. This is a video game website dedicated to industry news, some reviews of games, and my opinions on the video game industry. I maintain this site by myself, and as of right now nearly every article written and video done is all produced by me. This is mainly a solo project and if you would like to support my work please follow me on all my social media outlets to help me grow this brand. Subscribe to the R.R.G channel on YouTube, BitChute, and Lbry.

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3D Hero is an amazing Content Creator and someone I like to bother ever so often with dumb questions and Tweets.
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Just felt like helping to spread his work around to hopefully get him booked more and more! FBI Tugboat everyone! Or Jordan Fitzpatrick if you want to get all formal. He's a great dude that I know personally here in the local area.

Check our Mr. Thwip! He's always on the grind making content. The fact he's Canadian I won't hold against him.(haha)
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You might have noticed I have a Forum for this page. I included the forum to help people try and connect with each other, discuss topics about the gaming industry, and to maybe even try and get together to do streams or podcasts with one another.

Just a small way that I am trying to garner a gaming community to make things easier for people in the gaming industry(this includes content creators) to meet people and expand their network.