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Featured Content Creators

Below are featured Content Creators and two local businesses we help support. If you're interested in joining R.R.G you can click here or continue scrolling to read what the organization is about, what the ultimate goal is, and links to our other social media sites so that even if you don't want to join as a creator, you can help out the cause by expanding our presence on those sites! You can also help support the cause by contributing to us in other ways! Click on the Support the Cause tab above! Thank you!

I'd like to welcome A Realm InBetween! This is a group of local guys who are just starting out their adventure! I'm proud to help them along the way. So watch their video and check out their YouTube page. Don't forget to subscribe to them and while you're on YouTube don't forget to subscribe to me too! :)

Our latest video! Give it a watch and don't forget to hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications! Want a specific topic covered? Let me know!

While 3D Hero isn't officially part of our community here, we greatly respect his dedication to content creation and gaming in general. Check out his latest video on YouTube and don't forget to hit that subscribe button to his channel!

Check our Mr. Thwip! He's always on the grind making content. Watch his stuff and give him a follow!

We will also be working very closely with this wonderful human. Just felt like helping to spread his work around to hopefully get him booked more and more! FBI Tugboat everyone! Or Jordan Fitzpatrick if you want to get all formal.

Welcome back GrayShadoz! After having some technical issues he's back and making content again!

Welcome to R.R.G

Thank you for stopping by the website and I'll try to keep this introduction short. I'm looking to build a community of content creators and players. I am wanting to make Razaels Revenge Gaming a central HUB for people to come to and find a new and interesting streamer/content creator to follow or even a shout caster to hire for their upcoming gaming event.


I'm also looking to put together teams for online games to represent the brand while having fun playing their favorite games. In due time, with all of your help that join the community, we will build something from the ground up. Eventually getting sponsorships and other avenues of revenue to help give our content creators a leg up on the competition and to hopefully be able to send our Esports teams to events. I want to build R.R.G into a community people are proud to be a part of and that everyone wants to be a part of.


Together we can build something great. If you would like to join us, or just want to talk about it to see if it's for you, feel free to contact me either by DM on Twitter, Facebook, Minds or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for stopping by and hopefully you will join us.

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