About R.R.G

Welcome to R.R.G(Razaels Revenge Gaming). This site is a gaming website probably unlike any you are accustomed to visiting. This site is basically just run by one guy, with random contributions from a few people I know. We all work full time jobs and we all have outside responsibilities aside from being glued to the internet all day roaming forums, message boards, Twitter, Reddit for Johnny on the spot reporting. So, you probably won't find that here unless one of us has the day off and has the time to do it. That being said, don't be discouraged. The content creators at RRG have their own personal touch to add to things. It won't be the usual placating review of a AAA title, or a feels stroking, internet point gathering, virtue signaling opinion piece either.

It'll be honest, down to earth, no BS content here on R.R.G. We do love our games and do, despite not being totally consumed by the medium, take them very seriously. I myself, Jared the founder of R.R.G, have been gaming since 1988 and have also dabbled in tabletop RPG's, and TCG's. There are going to be segments that you, the readers, will not agree with and might even get offended by. Consider that your warning. Not to say that we are going to go out of our ways to be dicks or anything like that, but we are trying to give our most honest reporting possible in the easiest way for everyone to digest and understand. Yes, there will be naughty words in articles. Yes if you follow us on social media we will do some shit posting. I believe the time for gaming outlets to be "uppity" and "better than the average gamer" has come and gone. In a nutshell, we at RRG will talk to you like we were both sitting in our own living rooms on the couch, having a beer(or whatever), and talking about games, card games, graphic novels, comics, movies, tv shows, anime, tabletop RPG's, miniature games and more.

Now, I know all of the above sounded fairly blunt, because it was. I don't want to try and confuse people with the direction R.R.G is going. That all being said, I am always looking for contributors to R.R.G. If you're interested go to the top menu and click on the "Become a R.R.G Content Creator" and read how to become one.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to even visit the site. I hope you decide to read some articles and just give the site a glance. It is a work in progress and again, is ran mainly by myself. So, I'm sorry the site doesn't live up to most standards now-a-days but I just don't have the budget to pay people to make things shiny and attractive at the moment. I hope you understand and give the site a shot anyways. Just trying to build something up from the ground up that doesn't bend the knee to modern day "gaming journalism" and the.....activist nature....it has undertaken lately. You want a contender against Kotaku, Polygon, IGN, and the like? Then stand with me, support me, and we will give it the best shot we can. Oh, and don't forget to at least give R.R.G a follow on Twitter/Parler/Minds/Facebook/Instagram. The links are in the top right of the site.

-Jared McKenzie, Founder of R.R.G.