Erskine College Esports Program

Erskine College is a local college in Due West, SC that is starting up an esports program for Fall of 2019. It will be coached by Brandon Oberle. Brandon is a 2012 graduate of Erskine College and has owned and operated 1Up Video Games in Greenville since 2013.  He currently ranks in in the top 400 out of 90,000 PSN users in "Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite".  Brandon also has won or made the top three in South Carolina fighting game tournaments. The eSports program will make full athletic scholarships available while giving the chance to compete in the nation's largest tournaments.

If you are currently looking at colleges, are proficient in competitive games, you may want to consider getting in touch with Brandon to see if there's a spot for you on the team! Reach him at

Games focused on: CoD Black Ops 4/Fortnite/DBZ Fighter Z/League of Legends/Overwatch/SMITE/Street Fighter V                                                                      Super Smash Bros/Tekken 7

Platforms: PS4/Nintendo Switch/PC

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