Basics of Game Play

Basics of Gameplay

-Choose two generals. 1 for each Faction, or 2 for a single Faction.

-You will need at least one d10 and multiple d20 dice to play as well as some form of counters. The game runs on d10’s for combat and d20’s for HP counters.

-Players that choose the Elven Faction are limited to only being able to ally with the Half-Elf Faction or Mercenary units.

-2 War Machine max in play.

-4 Structure max in play.

-50 card Main Deck.

-20 card Resource Deck.

-Bountiful Resource cards are limited to 2 and only 2 copies of each can be in a Resource Deck.

-Basic Resources are limited to 5 of the same copy.

-Resource cards are kept separately from main deck in the Resource Deck.

-You can choose to either draw from the Resource Deck or Main Deck each turn. Not both.

-Resources are kept in the Resource Zone.

-Used resources(depleted resources) are indicated by placing a counter on them.

-Whenever you play a new unit the unit must be brought into play anywhere inside Row 1 of the play area.

-4 copies of each standard card(S) are allowed. 3 copies of Exceptional (E). 2 copies of a Rare(R) and only 1 Fabled(F).

-Game is won when 70 points are reached (if playing for Point Value win) or both generals are defeated.



Initial Phase

-Generals are placed in the General Spaces. (The 2 center spaces in the bottom row/Row 1)

-Each player rolls a d10. The highest number rolled gets to choose which player goes first.

-Each player draws 5 cards from their main deck.

-Each player automatically puts one random resource card into play from their resource deck. (the player’s resource deck is shuffled and cut, fanned out and then the opposing player picks one at random)

-No Man’s Land cards are chosen and placed

-Each player skips their first draw phase

-No resource can be played during each player's first turn (random resource card takes the 1st turn Resource drop).


Turn Phase


Remove counters from depleted resources.


You can draw one card from either the resource or main deck. Each player skips their first initial draw phase. There is a max hand size of 6.

-Put a Resource into play-

You can draw a resource from your resource deck and put it into play, or into your hand. There is a limit of 1 resource per turn that can be put into play.


During this phase you can bring any number of units and structures into play.

-Use General skills/Standard Unit skills-

You can choose to use one skill each that your Generals have (1 skill use per general, per turn.) and use a Unit Skill from any number of your units on the battlefield.


Each player can choose to move any number of their units.


Players can engage in any number of skirmishes or none. (Unit Magic is also mainly done during the combat phase).


Second phase to play units and structures

-End Phase-

All players remove defeated units from the field, add the points values of defeated units to the score (if playing for a score victory), use healing magics, and correct any altered HP values. Discard is done during the End Phase. All debuffs/buffs from any source other than equipment and world magic are nullified unless otherwise stated. HP values carry over every turn except for structures. Structures repair all HP at the end of the turn if they were not destroyed. All unused stockpile resources are drained.


Example of Game Play(Prototype/pre-alpha play-testing)

The prototype of the playmat used to play War of the Vales.

Update 1 ( 01/02/2021 )

I printed out the Factions at home and have started cutting and laminating the cards in order to get prepared for the upcoming play-test event at The Game Cache on the 23rd.


01/11/2021- I have 5 ready to play Play Test Decks ( Human, Elves, Orck, Halfkin, Basilin) 1 on deck to be put together (Dwarf) and only 3 more to put together. Gearing up for the play testing event at one of the LGS's in the area.