A Change In the Social Direction For the Games Industry?

I reached out to a, we'll call them an acquaintance, yesterday to express my concerns over a post they made about moderation of their site. This person expressed that they were getting tired of dealing with "these assholes" and, while this is nothing new for someone in their position, the comment they posted about that sparked the moderation is what caused me to reach out to them in the first place.

Someone had called their publication an "alt right" publication or "right wing", something of that nature. (Trust me, they aren't.), It made me wonder something: Now that there has been this purge of "right wing"-ish personalities on damn near every platform, are we going to see the "left wing" start to cannibalize itself now? Are the warnings I've been giving over the past two or so years finally going to come true? That when they've purged everyone who does "wrong think", and there's no one else to purge, the SJW/far-left or whatever other buzzwords you want to use, will turn on itself? Well, the response I got from this person I reached out to was surprising and hopeful, actually.

In a nutshell, they told me that a lot of people in the industry are getting tired of "these types of people" now and are beginning to push back against them. Slowly starting to moderate what "these types of people" say on their respective publication's forums and comment sections. Even sometimes throwing the ban hammer at them. That the industry has taken note that it's because of "these types of people" that the industry itself has gotten a bad name/reputation. That "these types of people" are keeping level headed, logic minded, down to earth types away from interacting with, not only their publications and their content, but others as well.

The normal people(?) are still looking at these publications through the lens of the past few years. Remembering all the social programming/social justice rhetoric they spewed before, get disgusted, and don't even give these publications a second(or in a lot of cases a fourth/fifth) chance at redemption. It's good to hear that more publications in the industry are beginning to see this and are starting to take action about it, albeit slow, it's still happening.

So, what am I trying to get at with this? Maybe we are going to see the push back a lot of us were wanting to see when "these types of people" started infiltrating our beloved Games Media and began shaming us as gamers. Those Journavists trying to make gamers feel bad for just being us. Trying to force -isms and -phobes onto us when 95% of us gamers could seriously care less what someone is doing, who they love, or what they think, so long as they aren't hurting anyone/anything. While those same Journavists screech at us when there's push back only to try and hide behind their self proclaimed identities as some sort of an indestructible shield which pretty much stops all dialogue anymore, instead of actually having a productive conversation having to defend their stances rationally. It's looking like the time for the Jactivists to start having a taste of their own medicine is coming.

This won't happen overnight, or even within the next 30 days I'm sure. It'll be a slow process but we are going to see another "purge" of sorts among the Games Media/Industry, and it'll be a surprise to most of our beloved Journavists because they figured they were all on the same side....when in fact it was just an "enemy of my enemy is my friend" scenario that only held true so long as the "enemy" was still there. I could be terribly wrong but I think we are going to see that Journavists have outlived their usefulness.

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