Anthem: Your loot pool is terrible; take your beer back from Destiny and do better.

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Since Anthem launched, it's pretty much just been dragged through the mud. Some of that dragging is rightfully so and some of it is just bitching because for whatever reason, the vast majority of us just seem to be whiny now-a-days(myself included at times.)

The latest "thing" with Anthem is the loot. How they had the 11hr loot drop fiasco where it was dropping masterworks like crazy, then they patched it and everyone started crying. The patch also made it to where once you hit level 30, you no longer get common or uncommon items which is a great step in the right direction, but everyone was still upset about the loot because that god-like drop rate had been nerfed.

While I completely see where most people are coming from there is now some sort of a silly little boycott supposedly going on? Or wanting to go on? Because they nerfed the drop rate again? All I can do is laugh about this, because the boycott isn't going to hurt anyone. There's no DLC to pay for, all the in game microtransactions are cosmetic in nature and you can just play the game to get the coins you need to buy the stuff, so you don't need to spend real money and we've already paid our money for the game itself....soooo.....what's the point? What sort of impact is there going to be? They've already made their money, who cares if you don't play now? If anything just the launch of Division 2 is going to make the playerbase dry up way more quickly and effectively than a little boycott.

Anthem is a looter/shooter made in the same mold as Destiny or Division. I'm not going to put into the same ballpark as Borderlands because Borderlands outshines all of them in every category. There in lies your problem though, it's a re-skin of the before mentioned games. Destiny has terrible, horrible, eye gouging inducing loot drop rates. Division had them too, but then they added gear sets and some other stuff and it made it not suck as hard as it did in the early days. Destiny also kind of made some progress, but the RNG is still terrible.

Anthem also follows the same footprint as Destiny with the re-tooling of weapons and equipment. You'll get the same weapon/item over and over and over again, with static stat rolls(Destiny ditched this with the Forsaken DLC though) and random perks. The problem with this? You literally have a variation of 4-6 weapons, depending on what javelin you're using, and that's it. Same goes for every other piece of equipment your javelin can use. Sure, you have 4 javelin suits to choose from, and they will have something unique to them, but that's where it stops. They will all rotate the same weapons, some of the same components, etc. My point being, the loot pool is very small to begin with. Like scary small.

Why do I point this out? Because if your loot pool is scary small, and people are wanting more increased drop rates, it's only a matter of time before people cycle through your small loot pool and then start bitching about getting the same shit over and over and over and over again. There's no winning for anyone here with the current loot pool Anthem seems to offer. If EA had let BioWare do their thing, we'd see a diverse enough loot pool(like in Mass Effect and DragonAge) where upping drop rates and all would make sense. But, they didn't. Like even adding customization(stocks,magazines,sights,grips,etc..) to the weapons would've been a huge step in the right direction, but instead, what you see is what you get and the perks attached to the weapons are the "customization" options I guess(just like in Destiny).

All in all, the loot system is terrible, but it's terrible by a short sighted design. It probably made sense, and was a time saving method, to only have 30-40 base designs and just add a random factor to them(random perks in Anthem's case) but that's the lazy way to do things.

Why the hell EA didn't take notes from everyone bitching(and rightly so) early on about the Destiny loot drop rates and any other current problems looter/shooters have and improve upon them in Anthem is beyond me. They should've looked at Borderlands(or Diablo even) and saw the vast amount of loot you can get there, and try to add that kind of diversity to their own loot pool. It would only make sense in a looter/shooter for there to be a huge, diverse, almost never ending amount of loot inside the loot pool to grind for, right? That way your casual players are almost always getting something new, trying out new things and your hardcore players have more than just a handful of items to grind out for endgame content.

I think if they did this, they'd keep a happier and more robust playerbase that would stay with the game for the long haul. Having activities and everything is nice as endgame content but it's ultimately the rewards the players are after, not the actual activity. If you only have 5 rewards but 20 get my point.

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