Are we going to see a Light/Dark split in Destiny?

I was musing a day or so ago about this and I think there is actual merit to this, not just some tinfoil hat conspiracy that I spout out of my mouth sometimes and hope for the best. But, what if Beyond Light is preparing us guardians for a, dare I say it, a WoW like split in the Destiny community?

What do I mean by this WoW like split? I mean exactly how it sounds. Like WoW has Horde/Alliance I think Destiny is moving towards a Light/Dark community split. Now, will this mean we will get two versions of the same game? With different locations to start out at, different people to interact with, etc? I don't know. Maybe, maybe not. But I think it would make community events a lot more interesting as you could have Light vs Dark guardians. Like how the Guardian Games pitted the different classes against each other, which I think was another step in prepping us for a Light/Dark split. It would spice up Crucible and Gambit a little by giving dividing lines instead of "oh, it's just other guardians I'm beating up on. This is just fun!" to maybe a "Those damned <light/dark> guardians aren't going to win".

We've been introduced to this sort of splitting before, like I said before with the Guardian Games, with the introduction of Eris and The Drifter. With "Rogue Guardians" like Ana, The Drifter, The Stranger, Osiris(arguably) showing that guardians don't *have* to take the side of the Light. And now, we have the actual wielding of Darkness by our guardians. Why wouldn't Bungie be guiding us towards something like a community split? Lork knows that Destiny needs a major injection of ANYTHING new that's not a reskin of something that already existed but they call it a new name, or just the repetition of the same event over and over again(Looking at you Iron Banner, the Dawning, etc.). While I am a fan of Destiny, even the most devoted of us know that the formula Bungie has been using in Destiny has grown very, very, very stale and we're all starting to finally get tired of it.

So, if this Light/Dark split does happen, what would it be like? I have a small theory on this as it seems to make the most sense to me, at least at the very beginning just to kind of get the ball rolling on the whole idea:

-The "Dark Vanguard" would consist of either Ana/The Stranger as the new Dark Hunter Vanguard leader, Osiris would be the Dark Warlock Vanguard leader, and Saint(following Osiris due to their relationship/lover status) would begrudgingly follow Osiris to the dark and become the Dark Titan Vanguard leader. I know a lot of people would say Eris would end up being the Dark Warlock Vanguard leader but, I think she's been through too much and pulled herself out of truly evil circumstances to be swayed to go towards the Darkness.-

This is just my hypothesis as, if the split were to happen, there would be a myriad of ways to do it. We just know that there's already a fine line being crossed, and accepted, among the current Vanguard but for how long?

This could also lead to some really awesome community events, really awesome looking physical editions of the game being released, let loose the floodgates on lore and new stories, and more importantly give Destiny a much needed shot in the arm to reinvigorate and revive the community as a whole. What do you guys think? Let me know and thank you for reading!

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