Argent Saga Pre-Release Event!

We are doing a Pre-release event for Argent Saga in conjunction with The Game Cache on July 26-27. Come on down to the Anderson Mall and join us for the event!

July 26th: 6pm Until Finished July 27th: 11pm Until Finished

Tournament Format: - Swiss (Best of 3, 50 Minute Rounds) - Modified-Sealed (Build Your Deck Out of The Cards You Get In Your Random Intro Deck And 3 Packs of Betrayal)

Prize: Exclusive Playmats, Promos, and Booster Packs!

Time: July 26: 6:00 PM Until Finished

July 27: 11:00PM Until Finished

Price: $30 The Game Cache is located at: 3131 N. Main St Anderson, South Carolina 29621 Contact them via Facebook or phone ( (864) 760-0333 ) for more details!

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