Borderlands 3: Gameplay Trailer? Really?

I'd like to start off by saying that I love the Borderlands series. A fan. Sure, I kinda had some issues with Borderlands 2 and how enemies with a shotgun, or SMG, could hit you from damn near the other side of the map. I digress here, sorry. Still a fan. Love Borderlands.

Que the Gameplay Reveal Event Trailer......but ummm, where was the gameplay? There was some gameplay in there. But no HUD so it just kinda bled into the trailer. It was nice to see but left a weird taste in my mouth considering there wasn't much actual gameplay.

You saw some guns, some special skills and some action skills being used(I guess they'll still call them action skills?) which was nice, awesome looking locales, interesting looking new enemies and vehicles but still didn't give me what I was hoping to see.

I hate to be *that guy* and try to rain on this awesome moment, but I kinda have to. I'm not gonna go all rabid fan like with, lets be honest here, lack-luster "Gameplay Reveal Trailer" like that. It looks like something you'd tease at E3, or some other gaming conference, as a "Coming soon" trailer or whatever. Watch it below and tell me what you think.

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