Borderlands 3 Will Let You Get Loot From Twitch Streamers.

A new Twitch extension will allow you to interact with Streamers in a pretty awesome way: By getting some of their loot. Yep. That's right. You can possibly get some of the loot they find in chests for just watching their streams. Might also be a nifty way for any Streamer to boost their numbers a little too, at least while Borderlands 3 is still popular. Which will probably be for a while.

The Borderlands 3 Twitch extension, called The ECHOcast, will allow for one random viewer to be selected in the stream to pick one piece of loot the Streamer has found in the chest and be rewarded with it. This piece of loot is scaled to the lucky viewers' own character level and is mailed to them via their Shift account. The ECHOcast also allows for viewers to see the Streamer's loadout, inventory and skill tree via an interactive overlay menu. Sounds pretty awesome, right? That should keep repetitive "What are you using?" questions at bay, hopefully. You can check out the video below that explains more of this feature, narrated by no other than the beloved Claptrap.

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