Bungie Ditches Sunsetting.Too Late To Matter?

Yesterday(02/25/2021) it was announced that Bungie is going to forgo the debacle that is sunsetting in Destiny. For those of you not familiar with this, it was basically Bungie's way of throwing up a middle finger to its player base and axing ALL the gear you had grinded for in previous seasons/years of Destiny and making them no longer relevant at all. I lost an entire set of stat god roll armor and a few god roll weapons, as did basically everyone else.

Now, initially,I thought it was going to be an interesting way to introduce new and exciting weapons. New classes of weapons maybe? New pieces of armor, etc. You know, I was thinking us Destiny players were actually going to get a slew of new content as far as equipment goes. Give players new things to play with in Crucible and Gambit. Change up the meta in both PvE and Pvp. I was optimistic as ever.

But, no. Guess what we got? Recycled equipment. Ended up Bungie just put out "new" versions of the same old weapons with a higher power level cap and basically forced you to grind for the god rolls you just had on that sunsetted Gnawing Hunger, all over again. Same with the armors. Once the power level cap was reached with my armors(Masterworked by the way) I had to start ditching armors that had stats of no less than 15-in attributes that aren't important to a Titan-for armors that had 5's and 8's in them just so I could advance in Light Level. (sure, since the launch I've managed to find armors that aren't as terrible as that, but still nothing like I had previous). So, after a lot of push back from fans Bungie decided to reverse sunsetting. Which, is great. However, I think it's too little too late. For the record, anything that was sunsetted is NOT coming back so we lose that equipment anyways. It's sunsetted for good. It's a bittersweet moment for everyone because at least we know what we have now is safe. Which makes us all value our equipment more than what we had previously thought of it. I know we all thought this "Well, it's a good roll. I like the stats. It'll do for now because it's going to be useless in a little while anyways."

This reversal got me to thinking though. Not only is it, in my opinion, too little too late. It's also a weasel way to avoid having to bring anything new to the table. Bungie can just throw their hands up and say "Keep your stuff. Less work for us to have to make new things if you're just going to keep using the old stuff." Bungie has missed their chance at being able to breath some new life into Destiny to help carry it through to the launch of The Witch Queen DLC. So, what should Bungie have done differently?

1.) Make new equipment- Dear god, just give us new things. You're a looter/shooter and you've only got maybe 5-7 different weapons for each class of weapon (kinetic, energy and heavy) and 3 or 4 different armor pieces per armor slot? Once you've gone through this shallow pool of weapons and armors, you're left grinding the for the same weapons but for God Rolls on the perks they offer. How many times can you keep getting the same weapon over and over again before you just stop caring and trying? Or did you get your God Roll for the weapons you're looking for and then everything from that point on is just instantly broken down for materials? Same goes for armors. It's a vicious circle. Yes, I get that using our old stuff we farmed/grinded for makes it seem fruitless to make new equipment, but if you don't give us new things that rival or blow our old stuff out of the water, why wouldn't we just continue to use what we have? (I'll exclude Raid exclusive stuff and Grandmaster exclusive things in this loot gripe. If you can complete those, and have the fireteam to do it, good on you. You deserve unique things.)

2.) Re-work the Exotics- I get it. Exotics are supposed to be amazing pieces of equipment and special. Which, I guess they are, but seriously....how often do you get an Exotic armor piece and the stats on it are ABYSMAL? Not just bad, but abysmal? That's typically 9/10 of the armor exotics I pick up. The Exotic weapons are, at least, pretty awesome. I can't say too much bad about the weapons so kudos to you there Bungie. But, can we get Exotics with amazing stats to make them truly shine? And we can only equip 1 of each kind at a time. 1 weapon, and 1 armor piece. Do you have any clue as to how restrictive that actually is? Why can't we just equip 2 of each? 2 weapons and 2 armor pieces? Hell, I'd settle for 1 exotic weapon and 2 armor pieces.

3.) Figure out what you're going to do about Blues- Either make them useful for more than infusion purposes or get rid of them entirely. Nothing requires weapon parts anymore so I don't even know why they give them to you. Sure, you can swap weapon parts for horribly under powered legendaries from Banshee and brake those down for materials. But honestly, the hell is the point/use?

4.) Adjust the respawn timer in Strikes/Activities to 10-15 seconds- This isn't loot pool or sunsetting related, but it still bothers the crap out of me and I'm curious why we have to wait 30 seconds to respawn if we die in a Strike? It's just weird we can respawn out in PvE world in 5 seconds but not in Strikes(or other activities I think too?).

5.) Get rid of useless inventory items such as "Rainmakers" and the like- I've never used them and don't know anyone who has. You can get glimmer easy enough by just playing the game. Or the telemetry usable that gives you stuff to give Banshee to increase your rep with him. Those kinds of items are just taking up space in your inventory and space/code/whatever in the game itself.

Anyways, that's about all I've got to say about Bungie and their decision to go back on sunsetting. It's good, but it feels like it shouldn't have been done in the first place. Are we going to get back the zones we lost as well? I mean, probably not. That seems like it's tied directly to the story arch. Let me know what you think. Don't forget to share this article around and follow me on all my social media outlets.

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