Bungie, give our Guardians some character.

Okay, so yes, I do a lot of Destiny pieces. I know. It's kind of my thing. It's the only game I've been playing for years straight and no, I'm not sorry for that. So, with this in mind, I'm going to keep this as short as possible. I could complain about how grindy Destiny is, how the soft level cap is self defeating once you reach it, or how the Strikes have grown so stale that even stale bread is jealous of their staleness, etc.. But, I'd like to talk about our Guardians themselves and what Bungie should look into changing about them. Lets be honest; without our Ghosts, our Guardians are basically useless. They have nothing going for them. Like I told a buddy of mine the other day: "Our guardians are basically just meatbags without our rezzing machines, our armor or weapons, and the occasional "magicy" thing we can do" Other than that, our Guardians are useless and completely bland. When you create your Guardian, you get to choose between three races, how they look, voice sounds, etc. But, the race thing does nothing. There's no racial buffs/flaws, nothing. Every Guardian is ultimately exactly the same as the next, with minor differences depending on what class you choose to play: Titan, Hunter, or Warlock. With the sub-classes kind of giving you more flexibility in gameplay options, but still not really all that much.

The only things that even remotely define our Guardians are, as I said above the classes, and what armors/weapons we choose to use. Even then.....when you factor in time to kill, reload speeds, certain perks on armors/weapons, etc they're all pretty much the same across the board. Exotics are the exception here, but considering you can only use 2 exotics(1 weapon/1 armor piece) their effects are barely noticeable once you really get into heavy conflicts and are surrounded by difficult enemies. With the armor mods you can get your Titan to act more like a Warlock, or your Hunter to act more like a Titan. Not saying exactly, but with the addition of armor mods, you can at least not make your Titan a lumbering rock and you can give your Hunter more resistance so he doesn't break like glass. And there's possibly even some more random armor mods you can throw in to help you "dual class" as much as the game possibly allows.

So, what do I propose to Bungie on how to make our Guardians "lively"? Perks.

Or something I call "Earned Perks/Traits". They would operate a lot like Borderlands' Badass Perks. Where lets say, the more Arc Damage you sustain and survive you get a +0.1% to Arc resistance. Or, the more general damage you take and survive you get +0.1% to overall damage resistance. You're good with a certain weapon class, you'll get +0.1% to damage, reload, handling, or whatever. The game sees you're pretty accurate with your grenade throws, so you'll get +0.1% to grenade throw distance.

I would also like to see some sort of Character Trait perks as well. Think something like in the Outer Worlds, or Fallout: New Vegas, when you could pick character perks/faults. Again, anything to give our Guardians themselves some life, rather than just a bland avatar that only changes with cosmetic items and absolutely nothing else.

Just something to make our Guardians unique and to give us more of a reason to grind away once we reach the "soft cap" for the season. When our only hopes of progress are running the weekly Pinnacle activities to go beyond that soft cap, even if only by a little bit. Or, for whatever reason, artificially raising our level cap with the grinding of the artifact.

I realize this is probably completely out of the question considering the dated game engine Destiny is still using and whatever other dated-ish software is still being used to run the game, but it's something I think Bungie should consider. What are your thoughts? Let me know. Thanks for reading.

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