Can We Please Start Ignoring Outrage Culture?

***Disclaimer: This is just for dealing with your typical proponent of Outrage Culture:Screechers, better known as SJW's. Cancel Culture and everything else we've seen because of it, like the ZQ thing that cost a man his life or the chaos that Mr. Maza caused with his screeching, are exceptions. They require their own unique approach because they are unique situations. I am not advocating for complete sticking of heads into the sand by any means. Sometimes you do need to fight back.***

Things have been relatively quiet on the gaming front lately. Which isn't a bad thing all on its own. It tends to happen this time of the year and reaching the end of the life cycle for two of the biggest consoles doesn't help either. However, this breeds something with our beloved content creators: Desperation. Desperation for a story.The irony here is not lost on me but it is what it is. What do I mean by this? I mean the "news" cycle has come full circle. Back to creators giving SJW's screeching about whatever hurt their feelings that day/week a platform to once again help propel their message out into the wild. Giving them the reach they otherwise wouldn't have by having others engaging and covering their "stories". Any press is better than no press at all. Always remember this because they know it as well.

The few content creators I do watch on YouTube have had their channels filled with videos lately that ultimately just deal with SJW's trying to call out games and movie/tv trailers for being sexist, racist or...whatever buzzword is popular with Screechers this week. There was an article written about how Wonder Woman's shoes are sexist and misogynistic, hinting that the desperation is on both sides of the equation. Someone actually sat down to write something like that AND it got clicks, shares, traffic, interaction. Every thing they really wanted. Because we, as content creators, gave it to them. Gave what to them? Attention.

Like I said before, they got the likes, shares, retweets, and follows they were going for in the first place with making/sharing this kind of nonsense, even the negative interactions. It's basically why they made the article, or video, or whatever medium they choose to put their opinions on.

Interactions of any kind=Potential monetary gain, more social clout and helps them to stay relevant. Another thing to constantly remember when dealing with outrage culture in general, be it the Screecher or the Non-Screecher.

So, what do I propose and why am I making an article about it? Aren't I helping to spread their word too? Because I'm not pulling up their names and their articles so I'm not helping them at all. But, my proposition to stop it? Ignore them. Just simply ignore them. Let them be. Let them produce whatever content they're going to produce for their niche group of people and just leave it at that. I think we will all find that a closed ecosystem will eventually grow stagnant with time. This could also be used as a counter measure for SJW's against the people they disagree with too. It's pretty much a universal measure any group can take to not give power and influence to another group.

By engaging with the Outrage Culture's content, we are spreading their reach beyond what they could even dream of.

Think about it:

  • Screechy SJW Content Creator with 25k Twitter reach does a screech.

  • Non-Screechy SJW Content Creator, also with 25k Twitter reach, gets wind of it and decides to do some sort of "news" story on it or a hot take.

  • Between the two of them, Screechy SJW Content Creator now has a 50K reach. Because Screechy SJW Creator is going to get interaction from the Non-Screechy Content Creator's audience.(These are just examples and theoretical at best.)

  • If we can get everyone to just not engage with the Screechers, I think we will see a dramatic decrease in their presence/influence.

Once that happens, the Screechers will no longer be appealing to whatever media outlet they work for, and will probably get dropped by them at some point. This approach would ring true in the actual game developer/publisher side too. If a developer produces too much of a social agenda pushing game, and no one buys it or only 10% of their projected sales goals are made, it will make publishers think twice about the next game that comes across their desks that is clearly pushing agendas/virtue signaling.

There's an entire spectrum of the gaming world for that type of game: Indie Games. Some actually do really well because they're made by people who feel strongly and are passionate about their cause/plight and put their heart and soul into making a GOOD GAME in order to get their message across.

If the Screecher actually feels strongly about whatever "cause" they were using to get attention with in the first place, we should see them make their own presence somewhere, right? Their own website, blog, small studio, something. Plus, for all you SJW types, it'll help you weed out the ones who are actually genuine. If you see them strike out on their own it's kind of a win-win if you think about it. It'll help you guys separate the real from the fakes and if they don't make their own presence then the rest of us have one less clout-seeking Screecher to deal with.

So, lets say this does happen. And now there are all of these individual SJW led outlets floating around. What now? Well, still, leave them alone. They'll all coalesce in their own ecosystem(s) and that's where they'll typically stay. They'll have their own little environment to thrive in and that's fine. Everyone needs their own little space to exist and the Screecher should be no different. But everyone also needs to be aware of just how small of a space the "Woke-erati" actually is.

Let me put it to you like this by using Twitter as an example. Though this can ring true for any outlet:

  • There are 330 Million active Twitter accounts worldwide.

  • There are 330 Million people living in the US(Twitters biggest user base)

  • There are only 68 Million active Twitter accounts in the US.

  • Out of those active accounts, how many accounts are Screechers? Sure, there are some with like 9.1M followers by themselves....but check their interactions. It's a lot less than you'd think. Even if they get 1k-5k likes/retweets on something they post out of the 9.1M followers, that's still a really small amount.

  • Now, take that small percentage of people that qualify as "Screechers" and compare it to the portion of "Non-Screecher" Twitter users. Screecher Twitter turns out to be a really small place. Vocal as all hell but a really niche slice of Twitter.

But "calling them out" doesn't work. So, what do you do with a child who is throwing a simple temper tantrum? You ignore them. You don't give them the attention they're looking for and usually they realize that their wants/needs aren't really as important as they think they are, that they don't have it anywhere near as bad as they think they do, so they shut-up and find a way to cope with their feelings and press on with their lives.

Plus, I think it's worth noting that a lot of your Screechers are white females/males, from at least a middle-class upbringing, college graduates(or working on it), and are self hating for some reason. If you are a minority, do you really think Karen or John from the 'burbs are the ones who need to be trying to represent you? Almost as if they think you can't speak up for yourself or take care of yourself so they need to step in and do it for you.

I think non-engagement is the way to go with the vast majority of Screechers and Outrage Culture in general. It's not going anywhere so it's something we just have to learn to live with ultimately. But I still say we ignore them now, let them flounder about in their closed ecosystems, grow stagnant and remain "the biggest fishes in their respective ponds" so to speak.

Social Media outlets have ignore/block/mute buttons for a reason and both sides of this issue need to use them if the Screechers/Non-Screechers are going to be triggered by just reading mere words on a screen. However, if you use these methods and still talk crap about someone, just know that's a real bitch move and you deserve whatever fallout comes from doing something like that.