Deliver on These 5 Things Bungie to Make Destiny Fun and Rewarding Again.

With the upcoming Witch Queen DLC for Destiny I know there are a lot of hopes and dreams. A lot of "I want to see this" and everything else, so allow me to add to it with this small list of things I'd like to see, and personally think, would make Destiny better as a whole.

1) Figure out what you want to do with Engrams: For real. You've got Powerful Engram(tier 1-3) Prime Engrams, Pinnacles, Umbrals, Eververse and Exotics.

You should really narrow it down or actually make them worth grinding for. The Powerful Engrams become completely useless after you hit cap. Prime Engrams become worthless after you get your armor/weapons above 1-2 of soft cap, and Pinnacles seem to only go 2-3 above your cap when you get the reward.

There should be some way to make these Engrams worth grinding for after you've hit cap. Pinnacles are a given/worth grinding for because they drop higher regardless, but there's a gripe a paragraph or two below about Pinnacles as well.

Everything else, as I've said before, just becomes useless. And by useless, I mean it just gets broken down for materials. So, please Bungie, figure something out. Maybe raise the Powerful Engram tiers up by 1 every week after we've completed those weeklies?

You should also work on the RNG for the Pinnacles to make sure we don't get 3 arm armor engrams for our Pinnacle rewards....because only 1 will be viable while the other 2 become useless as well. Umbrals are just in the way. Get rid of them. Focusing was good on paper but the way you guys have instituted it is just a big no. If you want us to make our own equipment, then let us make our own equipment. Eververse Engrams are also, more-or-less, just annoying. You never really get anything fun from them, shaders are a complication all of their own, and they only drop every 5 or 6 levels after you max out the 100 levels of the season pass. They're just bloat at this point in the game.

2) Get rid of consumables: Yes, I'm talking about the Matterweaves, the Rainmakers, all the consumables that aren't useful anymore. This is a constant gripe I've been talking about for a while now and while there have been strides there's still too many cluttering up your inventory. And it's not like you can dismantle them. You have to use them to get rid of them. But if they're not worth using, then why even bother right? To free up space! I hear you say. Nope. You'll continue to get these things as random rewards for dismantling weapons and other things. Yes, this even includes the weapon parts for Banshee. Nothing uses them anymore but his own personal level up and the Engrams he gives are just recycled equipment and thus, they end up being broken down for materials 99.9% of the time.

3) Custom crosshairs for our weapons: Some of the crosshairs are too "light" and get lost/blend in during the heat of battle. You don't even have to go as far as CoD goes for crosshair modifications. Just let us change the color at the very least.

4) Revamp the World Events/Activities: As of now, there is no reason to do World Events/Activities. They are the most unrewarding, time wasting, mind numbing things to do in PvE. ( 2 Blues and a Green anyone? ). There's no difference in rewards right now if you do a heroic or keep it basic. And by Revamping I don't mean just throw Champions in the mix and call it a day. Rework the LOOT rewards too if that's the path you're going to take. But, seriously, fix the World Events/Activities. They're garbage by any standard right now.

5) Make Exotics exciting and powerful again: I used to get excited when an Exotic Engram would drop out in the wild. That's no longer the case. Sure, there are event specific Exotics you can grind for and are probably pretty cool(I dunno, I'm a Lone Guardian so raids and other Fireteam-centric activities are out of my reach) but for the most part, they're no longer exciting to see. Maybe for a split second before you remember that it's just going to get broken down for materials anyways, maybe infused if it's higher light level than what you're currently using.

Why is this? Because there's just not a big enough loot pool of them for 1 ( Which, I get it, they're exotics and are supposed to be rare. Though after 4 years of playing ( 6 if you want to count D1), and counting, I feel like the Dragon that's just sitting on a hoard of treasure just for the sake of having it with no intent to ever use it and for 2 the stats are generally abysmal for the Exotic armor pieces. Why would I give up my Legendary Chest Piece, that has an combined/overall 102 stat rating for an Exotic that has a 78 combined/overall stat rating all because it might let me have an extra grenade? Or might reload auto rifles/trace rifles while they're stowed? "Let me just drop precious seconds off of an ability cooldown for this exotic...because it's an exotic." said no guardian ever. Also, consider letting us equip 4 exotics? 2 weapons and 2 armor pieces. If you aren't going to make them better at least let us equip more of them to give us a "badass" boost.

Anyways, these are just the 5 things I keep recycling in my head whenever I play Destiny. It's been my daily player for the past 6 years and I can't help but keep thinking that the only reason I continue to play it is because it's become a habit now and there's a huge FOMO with me concerning Destiny. I took 1 season off after hitting light cap and when I came back the next season, I had blown through all of my Legendary Shards buying Upgrade Modules and was flying through Glimmer. "Never again" I mentally told myself and I haven't let that happen since. This shouldn't be my only reasoning behind my continued playing of Destiny.