Destiny 2: My Views On What Bungie Should Address.

With Shadowkeep being pushed back to October 1st , I thought I'd take a moment to let Bungie know what I think they should look into changing/altering a bit in Destiny. I'm a long time Destiny player, I played in the Alpha from the first Destiny game and I haven't really stopped playing since. However I've never been able to do a raid, my fireteam dropped off the face of the earth while moving on to other games and no longer have any interest at all in Destiny. So this is not a list from someone who just picked up Destiny when 2 launched, or even when Forsaken came out. I've been doing this for a long time and have cultivated some fairly solid critiques with the "Social Wall" being the most hated or misunderstood, either way it's not popular. 1) Loot: Like everyone else under the sun who plays Destiny has bitched about, the loot system is terrible. Even as long as Forsaken has been out, the achievement for getting 10 Forsaken Exotics is still a rare achievement on Xbox. Is it due to the revamped/lower drop rate of exotics?Which was needed because they were dropping like candy, but Bungie seemed to have dropped it to an unnecessarily low rate. The low drop rate is not my biggest complaint though; its the lack of actual loot.

If you play all three classes, you'll notice that almost every piece of loot is the same across all three classes, it's just called something different and looks different to fit the class look/style. Stat wise however? Identical. Perk wise? Identical. All they have done with 95% of the loot in the game is change the way something looks. With games like Borderlands, Diablo, Division, Torchlight and other dungeon crawlers/looter shooters Destiny's loot system is sub-par at best and is still in need of a huge overhaul.

2) The Grind: Grind is okay. Grind is fine. Grind is great if it actually nets you rewards. I remember grinding in Final Fantasy games. I remember grinding in Lost Odyssey, I remember grinding, and still do grind, in Diablo. Do you know the difference in those games vs Destiny? There was a point to it. You actually got somewhere with your grind. Destiny? Not so much. You just grind out materials after you reach a certain point and that's it, for the most part. Unless you have a dedicated team of people to run Raids, participate in Iron Banner, or play Gambit with you run out of activities to do quick. Because lets be honest, replaying the same damn strikes over and over again is mind numbing. On top of the standard grind, there's the grind for specific items or sets of items. This is fine, it gives you something to actually grind for. With the crap drop rate of loot in general, you may grind for days, or weeks, and still not get the drop you are looking for. Add in the random stat/perk generator and you might get the piece of loot you were grinding for but the stats/perks attached might be total crap. So back to the grind you go. This is honestly the biggest reason I hear from people as to why they give up on Destiny. They feel as though they aren't ever actually accomplishing anything, getting anywhere, or get tired of getting screwed by the random loot generator so they just stop playing.

3) The "Social Wall": I use this term a lot when referring to Destiny and I use it to describe activities that require a fireteam, or require you to have to go play Crucible or Gambit to fulfill certain conditions for quests. Now, let me go ahead and stop right here and say that yes I know Destiny is an MMO type game. I get it. Even the campaign stresses being in a fireteam. However, in the campaign you are playing a lone guardian who just trails off to do whatever the Vanguard tell them to do. Seems that only Zavala, Cayde, and Ikora are the only fireteam, or were rather.

Now before all of you players that have dedicated teams, are social yourselves, don't mind doing a looking for group and playing with a bunch of randos who may, or may not, actually finish the missions with you, hear me out. I'm not saying to get rid of the "Social Wall". I'm just asking for an alternative to it for people who don't want to play with other people all the time. Give me PvP routes to take in order to fulfill some of the quest steps. Don't force me to play the game a specific way. I shouldn't be forced to play Crucible, Iron Banner or Gambit if I don't want to. I understand that the people at Bungie have put a lot of time and effort into these modes and want people to experience their work, but forcing people to do these activities isn't the way to do it. This is a good way to get people to hate those activities even more.

A good example is the Solstice special event going on right now in Destiny. In order to even get the first upgrade for the solstice armor I have to go into PvP and kill roughly 20 guardians. It's not hard to do, it's not a lot, but I also don't know what the other levels of the armor will require me to do as far as trying to force me to play more PvP or modes I have zero interest in playing so I simply will miss out on this event again. About the only way I can participate in this is to just grind for solstice keys and boxes, use 15 keys to open one box that then just regurgitates planet resources, glimmer and equipment I can get by just playing normally.

The Solstice hub in the Tower for the current event.

Making certain quest steps require you to go into PvP, when you despise it, is a good way to turn people off from finishing the quests and getting to enjoy all the content Destiny has to offer. I know there are people thinking "Just Git Gud scrub" or "get over it. If you don't put in the work you don't get the gear" which for the most part is accurate, but we spent the money the same as you. Some of us probably actually spent more by buying a LE or a CE, just because we don't want to do PvP, or play socially, should we be barred from getting content? I say no, of course.

Raids are probably the only logical exclusion to this rule: Raid equipment should be unique, powerful, and stand out from the crowd. I should probably shove Iron Banner in there too.

Well that's all I've got, really. Those are my three main gripes about Destiny that I think Bungie should address, especially now that Activision is out of the way. Bungie already started work on changing the game with the reworking of Eververse that will take place this Fall. I think since Bungie has full control over Destiny we are going to see a world of change for the Destiny franchise moving forwards.