Not All Games Are For Everyone and That's Okay.

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

There seems to be a lot of controversy right now floating about with Sekiro:Shadows Die Twice and its difficulty. Some gamers are stating that it needs an Easy Mode to make it more accessible to all gamers so all of us can enjoy it. Or, something close to that. Why? Did you not do your research on the title? Did you just see the cool cover art in the store? Did you just flip it over and read the synopsis on the back of it and still think "awesome"? I get it, I've done that before as well. I think we all have. But to try and call a game/genre out just because you can't play it isn't acceptable. Ever. The Soul-esque games are fine the way they are. Sekiro follows in the Souls-esque genre. Basically it's hard as hell to play and survive through until you learn attack patterns, are familiar with how your weapons and items work, and the layout of the map, etc.. In short, you have to analyze the game, learn the game, and then you can actually play the game. This is infuriating for a lot of people who just want to pick the game up and play it, coast through on a "normal" difficulty setting and move on.

Personally I think people who fall into this category are "Trend Gamers" and are only interested in playing the game because it's new, it's hyped, it's what everyone is talking about but they don't have the slightest clue as to what they're getting themselves into and are only interested in playing it because it is the "newest thing" or to get views on their Twitch/Mixer/YouTube channel and that's it; and it's a fucking shame.

*WARNING: UNPOPULAR OPINION* You shouldn't be streaming games just because they're popular and will net you views. While this can work I don't think this gives you any real substance as a streamer. It kind of makes you appear to just be....empty. Plus, once you finish the game there's a decent chance of you losing viewers(maybe even subs in certain cases) because they were only there for the game, not you, and if they don't like you as a streamer, they'll bail.**END OF UNPOPULAR OPINION**

You should be streaming games that you enjoy playing because the people are there to watch you play a game they enjoy watching and spend time with you. Your audience can tell when you are actually enjoying something or not, and that can bleed over into your interactions with them and if you're stressed because you're not having fun that could lead to a negative interaction and then a possible snowball effect from there.

These Soul-esque games are not meant for everyone. They are not meant for your casual gamers, they are not even meant for your hardcore gamer. It's a specific niche of gamer they are meant for, you know, the ones who are masochistic/sadistic and like to punish themselves for whatever the reason may be(haha).

Jokes aside, what the Soul-esque games do(Demon Souls, all the Dark Souls, The Surge, Nioh, Sekiro) they do extremely well and are well received among their audience. Why is this such a problem? Why can't a small demographic enjoy a certain type of game? Not everyone should be able to pick up a controller, put it on Easy Mode and blow through it. That's not how the games were made. That's now how the games were intended to be played and enjoyed. However, if you can recall back to the original DMC1 back on the PS2, if you sucked really badly and kept dying, the game would "mock you" after a while and offer to give you an easy mode to play on until you did the whole "git gud" thing. Is this what you guys want? The game to realize you are terrible, make fun of you for sucking AND THEN offer an easy mode? Because I could get behind that at least. And then maybe put your character in a baby bonnet or something so when/if you stream it people know you're playing on Easy?

These games bring to the playing field something unique and it scratches the itch for certain people and are not all inclusive games and you know what? That's fine. Let them be. If these games are too hard for you to play, leave them alone. Do like I do after figuring out the genre wasn't for me(Thanks Demon Souls on the PS3); just admire them for what they are from the sidelines. Know that it's not for you, and leave it be. Just appreciate their beauty and all the time and effort it took to make.

They have fantastic art, the mechanics are usually pretty great, the settings/locales are typically gorgeous, and the overall graphics and lore are pretty great as well(if you delve deep into reviews and stuff to read things like that without actually playing). Just enjoy the fact that someone else out there is having a fucking blast with it, even if you aren't. Not everything in this world is all inclusive, that's just life. Video games should not be any different. I realize that there are disabled gamers out there who would want a chance to play these kinds of games; there are able bodied gamers out there who would love to play these kinds of games but can't. Just simply because they are very, very hard and require a lot more than most people are willing to give a game. Able bodied or not. Not everyone can do everything in life and I can't stress this enough; that's more than fine.

Sometimes a genre of game just isn't for you and you shouldn't play it. Guess what? That's okay. There's plenty to choose from out there and a niche game genre you can't enjoy shouldn't detract from everything else you can enjoy. So, give a respectful nod towards the Soul-esque genre of games and go tackle something else and have fun while doing it.

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