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So, after a month of being away due to a tornado, I'm back with the weekly Game Trailers segment. Bringing you a list of Game Trailers to you so you don't have to scour a bunch of random sites. Hopefully you find something that peaks your interest. Anyways, here come the trailers!

Some Steam Early Access titles I thought you guys might like to know about:

Old Gods Rising

As the consultant for a maverick director's new film: "Old Gods Rising," Professor Tom Winston arrives at Ashgate University to find that things are not quite as they seem. Has he become the unwitting star of Kayfer’s latest project?  Or, has he stumbled into something far more sinister? I-Exist: Consciousness VR Every phone has a music player, but yours has a secret. It's a portal into another world, waiting to be opened. Only now, with the power of virtual reality, can you look through the window and step inside. Explore the world of Consciousness and journey through music like never before.


Dive deep into the lyrics of each song as you navigate through a surreal space.


Experience exclusive acoustic performances through spatial audio and ambisonic recordings.


Sit fire side with the guys in I-Exist as they tell stories about the songwriting and recording process for each song.

Flying Circus

Parents left sector hotel-oscar-mike-echo, we can proceed with operation Flying Circus. Lead our units to defeat the enemy, and gain control over all toys in the house.Flying Circus is an arcade flying simulator where you can fly model aircrafts across the house.

Flying Circus contains 40 unique missions. From classical tower defense and assault, to convoying and great battle .

Flying Circus gives you ability to fly 14 unique models of aircrafts from the time of WWII all over the house. Collect Golden Stars to unlock better planes.

Cartridge Defense

Cartridge Defense is a tower defense game with 287 distinct collectible cards that you will use to create your own decks to defend against robots in the cyberpunk inspired future. Play cards (cartridges) to spawn towers, upgrades, special abilities and more.

March Of Soldiers

March Of Soldiers is a real time strategy single player , multiplayer It is a military game based on the player's skill and the strength of his financial economy Campaign 93 missions multiplayer (1v1,2v2,3v3,4v4, FFA) Ranks

Brimstone Brawlers

Brimstone Brawlers is an action packed arena beat’em up, where players battle it out as peculiar characters dwelling in the fantasy industrial city of Brimstone. Smack projectiles out of the sky, combine chemicals to discombobulate your enemies and hurl sinister spells to melt their souls!

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