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Hope everyone has had a good week! It's that time again everyone. A list of game trailers that I thought might catch your eye. If you are reading this and happen to be a small/indie developer and have a trailer for your game already on YouTube(or maybe you just have a Steam page, or whatever, setup with the trailer there send me the link) email it to me and I'll try my best to put it on the rundown. Enjoy the list and as always share this around and help spread the word about R.R.G any way you can.

Games without YouTube trailers I thought you guys might want to know exist: **Early Access** The Serin Fate stone has turned you into a Witch. Now it’s time to learn some Magic, tidy up your apprentice hut, and find a few battle-worthy Familiars. With your new spells, a couple copper, and some unique friends, can you brave the land? It will be dangerous. With trouble brewing at Chimera Castle, and Monsters roaming the land, you may want to stay in-doors at night...

Serin Fate is an RPG inspired by some of the classics, Pokemon, Harvest Moon, Runescape, and Chrono Trigger. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Available to add to your wishlist**

Golden Light is a first-person procedural survival horror game with rogue-like elements and an eerie atmosphere. Explore the dark enviroment of the Golden Light office, uncover the grim truth behind it's working spaces, fight the unthinkable. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Early Access** "Elmarion: Dragon time" is a dragon game. One of the ideas of the game is to let the player feel the power and strength of these great creatures, who most often in the games act as some kind of evil bosses. In the role of a dragon, a player will be able to burn large enemy troops and entire cities. Will the dragon be good or bad? The dragon wants to save the world from the undead: such is its purpose. To save the world, not people. Nevertheless, the situation is such that without people (and other dragons), our hero cannot cope. So the dragon still has to find a common language with people. Moreover, not all people consider our dragon to be good, and the dragon itself is rather arrogant towards tiny people compared to it and, in principle, can fry them (in the game, people may not be protected from dragon fire). In the game there are various missions, for example: to help people go through dangerous mountains and save one of their leaders (cover from the air); eliminate infected people, while trying not to kill normal inhabitants; defend the city of people from undead invasion for 30 minutes and other missions.


**Early Access** Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth is a 2D-style Metroidvania (action-exploration) game.


**Early Access**

A true, FIRST VR Street Fight! Look, you’re just a regular guy, doing your best to get by, but you made your choices and now you’re in debt to the mafia. The only way you are going to save yourself is to fight. Prepare to engage in combat with no limits, no rules. You fight to win, you win to survive. A game created with unique street fighting moves and rules in mind. You live day to day working down your debt with the Mafia. As you work down your debt, you will receive orders on the date and location for your next fight and how to ensure your victory and survival. Meet your challenger face to face, accept the challenge, and knock him out using your street fighting skills. Unleash a barrage of swift blows and kicks because it can be over in just a moment, and you can’t afford to ever lose. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

If you made it this far, thank you. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to enjoy what little humble service(s) I provide to the gaming community. If you like my content, share this story around, share the website itself around, by doing so you'll help bring awareness to what I'm doing here at Razaels Revenge Gaming. Thank you and see you all next week!

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