Gaming Industry: "Getting Woke" and Epic Store Hate.

I'm not really sure how to begin this one, or if I'm even going to publish it. I'm sure I've pissed people off by merely using the term "Woke". I'm going to lose people for publishing this if I do publish it. I care about losing people, but then again I don't. We seem to put too much stock into our "social currencies"(follower count) on social media sites anyways. It seems if you can't break the 1k mark nobody is going to even consider what you've got to say, and if you've got that coveted Blue Check Mark on Twitter 8/10 people will believe what you say without fact checking anything.

That above statement is also a part of the problem I have seen developing in the industry: Politics are infesting our video games and that follower count/Blue Checkmark is all that anyone seems to care about. There are a lot of personalities out there on social media outlets that are completely bat-shit crazy with their far left or right ideas, spouting out their brainwashed parroting of whatever it was that the more popular Blue Checkmark said inside of their echochambers. You've got to ask yourself though: Do they really, really believe this crap? Or are they simply doing it because they know it brings in the clicks? What do these asshats really say behind closed doors? Are they actually journalists or just decent bloggers with good ad revenue that the Gaming Media outlets managed to snag?

Video games seem to have become the next major outlet for getting your political and personal opinions out into the masses with "woke" takes edging in over the last 4-5 years. In hindsight GamerGate seems to have been the opening shot of the "SJW War on Video Games".

For the most part though it seems gamers aren't completely fooled by it. We will call most out for trying to do this, for better or worse. I personally think there's more push back from Gamers than there is push back in general world of politics.

Take a look at the weird fiasco with Extra Credit(Covered by a video from The Quartering) and their "Stop forcing players to play the bad guy" video. Trying to shame developers into feeling bad for making players play as the bad guys in a WWII video game, or any video game that has a "bad guy" side. What the actual hell? Nerfing everything so it doesn't offend someone is doing nothing but hurting our society in the long run. If you don't use proper names for the "bad guys" how is someone supposed to reference history(or even do a simple Google search) to learn more about the horrible shit they did to be labeled as the "bad guys"? Imagine if the word Nazi just disappeared one day, completely gone. All that would be referenced would be "Some German people did some really bad things to other people and they also wanted to take over the world". That kind of makes what actually happened in WWI/WWII seem a lot less of a deal than it actually was, right? If you take the edge off of things it starts to look more appealing to people(dumb people) to even try doing it.

Do you really want to live in a world where if someone says something even remotely mean, the other person will burst into tears and have an emotional break down right there on the spot? That anyone who has a difference of opinion is automatically a bigot and trying to oppress you? Because that's kind of where everything has been heading...

At E3 you had the supposed problem, of the trans ad that was on the wall during the cut scene of Cyberpunk 2077? Because the ad showed a bulge or something like that? Who cares? Honestly? The trans community was finally getting included into a game, and are starting to get included into more, thankfully. Which is perfectly fine. I literally do not give a shit. But there were complaints about it *from* the trans community, about the showing of the bulge I believe. Okay? Why? Maybe this fictional person in a fictional world hadn't completed the transition yet? I don't know what to say about that, honestly. Seems there's no real way to "pick a side" with that and not piss someone off anymore.

I understand there's something awesome about seeing yourself in the protagonist of the game you are playing and I think everyone should have a way to be included; so long as it fits what the creator of the game had in mind. Forcing political correctness/diversity/sjw wokeness, whatever you want to call it, into someone else's vision is oppression/oppressive in and of itself. It tramples over someone else's creativity, free thought, intellectual property, ideals and values, all for the sake of fitting your specific needs. If you don't like something that a developer puts out, then don't buy it. Trust me when I say they will listen to crap sales more than they will a raving mob of "triggered" gamers. There are exceptions to this rule, but mostly, if a game flops at launch, you never see a sequel and it generally just dies, possibly killing the developer along with it.

You've got outlets like Kotaku,The Escapist, and others that have a few writers that seem to just push the SJW "woke" agenda in the guise of game news.I kind of hate to call it that, but I don't have anything else for it. Seems things have moved beyond Political Correctness at this point in time. For fucks sake there was an attack on Animal Crossing for being sexist and promoting sexual violence. Granted that article is 2 years old but, like I said, that's back in the time frame when political correctness was becoming a thing in gaming and games journalism. Political correctness was already a hot issue in major news outlets, got traffic and thus got ad revenue, so it was only a matter of time before games journalists/outlets started doing it to. Weird form of capitalism and P.C. working together I guess?

Now a break from political divisiveness and on to something that's just kinda been nagging at me. There seems to be a divisive mindset with PC players with Epic vs Steam(or any other game launcher honestly). PC players are up in arms about Epic basically being a Tencent program running on your computer and gathering info. That being one of the main reasons people don't want to use it, not to mention it lacks a couple basic features that should be Day 1 features by today's standards.

Aside from the possible gathering of data from Epic(which, if you don't think Steam gathers data, please go take a long walk off of a short cliff. We just haven't caught them yet or nobody seems to really care because it's Grandpa Steam.) and lack of a few key features, what is the big deal? PC players are pissed at exclusivity now? Even if most of the games are just timed exclusives? Welcome to the world of the console, fellow PC Master Race beings. It's really not the end of the world. Because you guys have it easy, all you have to do is download a different game launcher to play a timed exclusive; not invest in a completely new piece of hardware.

Honestly, it's up to the developer of the game to go with whatever platform they want to use for the launch of their game. Unless it was a Kickstarter backed game, then we consumers really have no fucking say about where the developer should put their own game. The team that worked on the game are the ones who own the property, they can do whatever they want to with it. It's up to us to decide to buy it or not. It's pretty damn simple. Stop getting pissed off at developers because they're choosing to go with Epic and not Steam. When it boils down to it, Epic gives them a bigger cut of the sales. End of story.

A lot of PC gamers might call them sellouts for doing it, and rightfully so. Because, well, they did sellout. No defending that. But what would you do? I'm sure you'd like to say you'd do the morally just thing and put it out on all platforms for all the people to enjoy! In a perfect world, sure. But if Epic were to slap a huge "timed exclusive" check in your face AND give you a bigger percentage of your overall sales while still giving you the option to sell your game on Steam *AFTER* the timed exclusive is over....I think we all know what would really happen and nobody should fault you for it. This is a dumb thing for PC gamers to start getting divisive over, on top of any other political correctness hot takes that are being shoved their way via PC games as well.

Bottom line, I'm sick and tired of politics being forced into our video games. It's a subject that's like beating a dead horse now, but I had to throw my punches against said dead horse. Sure, I get that it's nice to tackle real world issues, for people to be represented, for everyone to feel like they belong. There's nothing wrong with that and for the most part, video games do a good job of covering those bases.