Gaming Media: Different Than Normie Media?

This will be a quick opinion piece, I promise. I've noticed some people trying to make it seem like the Games Media should be different than normie media(like MSNBC, CNN, Fox, etc..) and that's simply not the case. Has it ever been? I want to say I remember a time, way back in the day, when it was. When being a gamer was actually niche and the people who wrote about them, did videos about them, or worked in the industry actually liked games, gamers and there was a real passion about them.

Games Media follows the same basic rules as normie media does: If it bleeds, it leads. Bleeding in Games Media isn't necessarily death, though sometimes it is, but rather developer/publisher drama like we're seeing with Cyberpunk2020. I won't go into detail on this because lets face it, the Cyberpunk story is like beating a dead horse now. You're going to have gaming websites calling out other websites. Journos are going to call out other journos, for better or worse, and have social media influencers call attention to things. And just like normie media, when an "outsider" calls attention to their shenanigans, the game journos will band together because cannibalism is okay, but an outsider coming after them isn't.

Also, not to help matters at all, within the last few years there seems to be nothing but activists parading as Games Journos. Spouting out their activist rhetoric(be it an -ism or a -phobe or why you should feel guilty about this/that) in the medium of games journalism, because they're just using the outlet they currently write for as a stepping stone to get into another more reputable outlet such as Business Insider, New York Times, etc..

They just care about the notch it puts on their belt (resume) to show they've got the experience in writing for a publication,experience "playing ball" in helping to push a narrative and to get clicks with hot takes on current popular issues. Not all games journos fall into this category obviously, but from what we've seen lately from the MSM of Games Media (Kotaku,Polygon,etc..) it's a staggering amount of them. Though, I admit, the pool of game journos is actually small. So maybe it seems like a larger number than it really is? A handful of people out of like 50 does seem like a lot right? Whatever the reason, it doesn't help the Games Industry at all when you've got people like that just wanting to fluff their credentials to move on. Taking whatever story they can find, or creating outrage out of nothing, just to try and signal boost themselves for the opportunity to advance. Or, maybe not even to advance their careers to other publications but to become "that person" who is known for "that thing" and make a career out of those kinds of specific topics.

But, I digress a bit. The point of this opinion piece is that Games Media is no different than normie media. It's just a smaller pond with different life forms in it that follows the same basic laws of survival: Edgy headlines, flashy thumbnails, exhilarating video intros, big budgets for staffs to help create snippets of memorable hot takes for the few days it'll last in everyone's memory, even down to the personalities outlets use to be the brand's face to the public.

Try and stay humble, Games Media. The fact that you are doing what you're doing already makes you the envy of most gamers,and influencers, out there(the codes you get, the systems you get, the inside information you get, etc..) which is why you probably get as much hate as you do. You already know this though, right?

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