Gaming News You Might've Missed

Hello everyone! I'm giving you another mashup of random game news/announcements you might not have seen due to just lack of coverage or just being too under the radar for other places. So look through and if something interests you check it out. As always, thanks for visiting the site and remember to share the content and like us on all our social media platforms. Thanks!

A Few Headlines:

  • Nintendo Switch has outsold Xbox and PS4 in North America, hitting 15 Million units sold!

  • Red Dead Redemption finally comes to PC November 5th bringing with it the coveted 4k and 60fps mark we console peasants only dream of!

  • Ikumi Nakamura teases another Okami!

  • Analogue is producing a new handheld system that will play Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games as well as being a music synthesizer and game development platform. All on a nifty 3.5 inch 1600x1440 pixel display. Check it out by clicking that link or wait until it comes out in 2020.

  • Need for Speed: Heat shows off the system requirements for PC.

  • Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodlines 2 has been delayed until sometime late in 2020.

  • Google Stadia officially launches on November 19th. Yay.

Postal 4 Is A Thing!

That's right, folks. Postal 4. Amazing. Watch the early access launch trailer below and click here to be taken to the Steam Early Access page.

Crusader Kings 3 Gets An Official Announcement Trailer:

Click here for the official page and more info!

Surviving The Aftermath Announcement Trailer:

A survival colony builder game where you build your colony out of the end of the world survivors in a random procedurally generated world.

BATTLETECH Gets An Expansion Pack:

Battletech receives a pretty hefty expansion pack with Battletech:Heavy Metal. Watch the announcement trailer below for more or click here to go to the official Steam page!

Well, that about does it everyone. I did a little searching and found some of the random stuff that might've got over looked. Hope you found something that caught your interest. I'll probably start doing these every Sunday.

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