Gaming News You Might've Missed v3

Hello all! Thanks for reading this quick little sum up of Gaming News You Might've Missed. This is just something I do every week or so to give you some news that might've flown under your radar. So, without any further delay, here it is!

Starship Troopers Game!

An RTS Starship Troopers game is in the works. It looks amazing. Watch the trailer below!

Don't Forget the Game Awards Happen December 12th 8:30pm EST! That's really about it. There's a lot happening on that day so click here for all the news about it. Just a friendly reminder that it's coming up real soon!

Darksiders: Genesis Costs More On Stadia

If you were looking to buy Darksiders: Genesis on Stadia be prepared to pay at least $10 more for the title vs buying it anywhere else and a mighty $15 more if you had pre-ordered the title. There's no logical reason as to why this is as THQ has taken the stance of "THQ doesn't comment on it's pricing policy"

Playstation's Last State of Play airs December 10th 6am PST

Playstation's State of Play's last episode of the year airs this Tuesday and they apparently still have some new games coming out on the PS4 to announce and some other interesting tidbits. Speculation of the new games are Last of Us 2 and Ghosts of Tsushima and the January line up of free games. Given that the PS5 is going to be backwards compatible, these titles showing up on the PS4 makes sense to go ahead and launch them on both systems, so this way you maximize the revenue chances instead of making them PS5 only titles.

Elder Scrolls Online New Chapter Announcement Coming Soon.

ESO will be getting a new Chapter next year. The announcement will happen on Thursday, January 16th between 12pm-4pm PST at the HyperX Esports Arena in Vegas. The live audience will get a chance to win exclusive ESO swag, there will be a post announcement meet-up with the developers, and more. If you want to attend the event you can RSVP here!

The Elder Scrolls: Legends Officially Comes To A Developmental End; Still Being Supported Afterwards

The card game based off of the Elder Scrolls has come to a developmental end. The game itself will still be supported and you can play it, but nothing else is coming out for the game unfortunately. You'll also still get monthly reward cards and in-game events. You can click here to read the Reddit announcement.

Tekken 7 Season Pass/DLC 3 Information Leaked by Microsoft Store

Yep, Microsoft Store leaked some more information by preemptively releasing store information before it was supposed to be officially announced at the Tekken Tour World Finals. Below is the info that was leaked:

This season pass features several DLC packs bundled together at a discounted price! Includes the following DLC:

(DLC 10-13 now available)

DLC10: Playable character Zafina!

DLC11: Playable character Ganryu!

DLC12: Playable character Leroy Smith!

DLC13: An expanded “”Frame Data Display”” feature!

To use the above characters and feature, you must update the game to version 3.10 or later.

DLC14 and Beyond –

DLC14: Playable character Fahkumram

DLC15: New stage

*Above content will be available at a later date. Details will be revealed on the official website as they become available.

Season Pass 3 Bonus: Character Customization Items – Character Customization Sets (includes glasses, accessories, hairstyles, facial hair, effects, and auras) – Player Customization Item Sets (includes panels, health bars, and plates)

*Some character customization items cannot be used by certain characters.