I Might Be Getting Too Old To Care About "Next Gen" Hype.

I'm 35, I'll be 36 in 2 months. I've got a mortgage, a car payment, a kid, a wife, two dogs, three cats and typical "First World Problems". Somehow, I've managed to keep my love of gaming throughout my life when I first started in 1988+/-. This article may also seem similar to another I wrote, but lets be honest here, nobody seems to read this stuff because I'm a fledgling business. So no one takes me serious right now and my writing skills aren't that of an Ivy League graduate. Doesn't mean my opinions aren't slightly valid though, right? I digress, sorry.

Something became clear to me over the past month or so that hit me like a brick: I don't care about next gent specs.

Now, let me elaborate on that. I care in the fact that it gives devs more power so they can utilize better technology to make a better game experience. But that's about it. I really just care what the devs are going to do with this hardware, not the hardware itself. Xbox and Playstation can spout off teraflops, 8k resolution possibilities and VR support all they want; just peacocking if you ask me..

Show me what you can do with it other than filling my head with stats, hopes and dreams. Or tell me what you plan on doing with it. I'm too old to be simply impressed with specs being spouted off anymore. I need to be shown something. Much like the college graduate trying to tell you what they know because of their education, when you've been in the field for 15+ years. It's cute, it makes you smile, but ultimately you're not impressed because when shit hits the fan, your experienced ass will not be shook while the college grad will be scrambling. Weird metaphor but hopefully you get the picture.

While the stats usually sound great(the ones we know of) they mean nothing if you're only going to use 80% of their capabilities. Am I finally going to be able to see my character's reflection in mirror surfaces; like actual mirrors and water? Are we all going to have a base standard of 60fps/1080p resolution with no drops in frame rate/graphic detail when there's a crap ton happening on screen? Will I get to see my character's feet? Will vegetation end up being more than a 2d picture in the 3d world? Will I be able to load seamlessly or am I still going to be shoved from a loading screen to loading screen?(Okay, so I know the SSD's are gonna greatly limit this, but still.) will there be more couch-buddy games available? Co-op RPG adventures that aren't MMO's?

I see stuff where developers "aim for 60fps on Xbox One X/PS4 Pro" and just kinda sigh. I get it though. With the tech available now, for consoles at least, it's limiting. So devs still have a pass(kind of). Could they get 60fps now if they just kept a 1080p resolution? Do they really have to hit the 4k threshold? Will we see the next gen consoles use cloud computing more heavily, along with their beefed up hardware, to give us console players PC like experiences?

Time will only tell with this and I'm excited to see what happens. I'm eagerly awaiting the release of next gen consoles, regardless of the "meh" overtone of this article. My only hope is that game developers try to squeeze every last bit of performance they can out of this new hardware coming out in the next year or so without focusing too heavily on graphical output, leaving us with mechanics/physics that are stuck in this generation. You can polish a turd to where it looks like a product of divination but it's still a turd at the end of the day just a pretty one. I don't want that for my next gen experience.

I have big hopes for the next gen from these three. More-so in the mechanics/physics/engines way vs graphical fidelity

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