It's Not Outriders; It's Me.

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I've been commenting on Outriders and how I think it's a good game at it's core, and that I can definitely see it as a 6/10 game. Because it is solid(enough) at what it does but there's an issue here. It's me. It's all the years of experience I have with other games that makes me not take Outriders as serious as I should, or as serious as most other people would like for me to. And no, I haven't finished Outriders either. This isn't a review of the game. It's an observation of sorts.

Now, before you haul off and start cancelling me, hear me out. I've been gaming since 1988. I'm 37. I've experienced A LOT of different games, stories, mechanics, twists in plots, etc. As I'm sure a lot of you have and can probably relate to what I'm trying to say. I am in no way bashing gaming here, or gamers, or devs, none of that. People Can Fly did a great job at making a solid game....for maybe a younger generation of gamers?

When I booted up Outriders, I was automatically thinking of Mass Effect. Not because of the space setting/new planet thing. But the dialogue options and interactions with the other characters. The cover system, the way your character moves, the way enemies move, I was immediately reminded of Gears of War and The Division. The way the loot system works, the world tiers, I was immediately reminded of The Division or Anthem. Hell, the way the initial social area sounds and feels I was kind of reminded of Anthem as well. The reason behind telling you this? To point out that Outriders pulls from so many other games' mechanics that, to me, it just doesn't seem original enough? Is that right? Authentic enough to be called a new game(aside from it's most basic definition as being new)? The experiences the game offers just reminds me too much of basically everything else I've played, ever. And that's my issue, not Outriders.

The only knocks I have against Outriders as a game is that the camera is clunky as hell, the ADS for weapons is clunky as hell and the progressing of World Tiers just makes everything artificially hard by making all your enemies bullet sponges (like The Division did complete with shotgunners being pains in the ass). I'm playing a Devastator and it seems like the enemies laugh at my bullets but cry when I use my Anomaly powers, even though my Firepower is greater than my Anomaly power. Maybe it would be totally different if I had a Legendary Weapon but, I don't. Too early to gripe about bullet sponges with me not having a Legendary Weapon? Probably not. I foresee Legendary Equipment playing the same role it plays in every other looter/shooter: One or two World Tiers/Difficulty levels above what you are and it's rendered almost useless. Then you gotta grind for another, and repeat that vicious cycle.

My point in this whole thing is that Outriders does what it does well. It really does. But I think I've just reached a point in my gaming "career" where there's not going to be a whole lot that's going to suck me in anymore. Save for maybe a new Elder Scrolls or Skyrim, merely because I can forgo the main story, wander off, and create my own adventure, then come back to finish the game when I feel like it...*if* I feel like it. To this day I've never finished Skyrim. I finished Fallout 4 because, being a father, the story line at least pulled at me a bit just to find out what happened to your boy.

I think I'm just going to knock my World Tier down a couple levels and power through the story just so I can say I finished it. But, to reiterate, it's not Outsiders. It's me. Maybe I'm broken or maybe I'm just numb to it all by now. I still enjoy gaming, despite the way this sounds, it just seems that everything is so "meh" as of late. At least you'll know whenever I do a review of something you're not going to get the fanboy experience.

Feel free to share this article around, hit me up on Twitter to tell me I'm wrong or right. Whatever you wanna do. Thanks for reading.

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