Just Starting Out As A Streamer? Don't Compare Yourself To Others.

I would like to get this out of the way first: This is not me being bitter, or trying to "shame" anyone for any of the instances fitting their personal scenarios. If any of these scenarios actually applies to you then, congrats, you have an automatic advantage right out of the gate. I hope you use that power for good and not to destroy someone.

You hear it time and time again "Don't compare yourself to others" and that bit of information couldn't be more true in the area of streamers/content creators. Not a single one of you is the same as far as your personality goes and that, my dear friends, is what will set you apart from everyone else. You can do 8 videos a day, and if no one can vibe with you, you'll get nowhere fast.

Making it to the pro level requires not only a lot of hard work and dedication but also a different set of circumstances that probably made their road to success a bit easier. These circumstances could be:

  • Some had the great opportunity to have worked with big name companies in the industry. So they probably were paid a decent salary+benefits and were able to save up money to have a bit of a financial buffer while also being able to transfer some of their clout/followers they gathered while working with the big name companies to their own personal content creation success.

  • They have been around since the early years of the platforms(YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, etc...) and they've just become a name on the platform so people know about them in some capacity. This is more of a neutral circumstance than anything, but worth bringing up.

  • They have a "staff". Either they're actually people paid to help them produce their content by doing the recording, editing, lighting, moderation and other tasks, to their subscribers scouring the internet for stories that they can cover or giving ideas for new content in general. Or, maybe they got lucky and their friends in their hometown feel as passionate as they do so they all came together to make something. Still a lot easier than you having to do everything by yourself.

  • Last but not least, they have full time jobs themselves but it's the kind of job they can do from home; so they are constantly near their PCs. Allowing them to jump on stories way sooner than you or create content on a more consistent basis or on a whim.

Yes, yes, I know. Again, it sounds like I'm being bitter but I'm just trying to point out these things so you don't feel like you're struggle is a losing one. How you overcome your certain set of obstacles and help inspire your audience is what will help shape you into someone worth following on Twitch/YouTube/Mixer, reading articles from or giving that sub to.

It's easy to look at the success stories of the professionals in the streaming/journo/content creation industry and get both inspired and discouraged. But just remember that your starting path might be harder than theirs was, so when/if you actually reach their level, you should cherish it and appreciate it more. So, don't compare yourself to them and don't compare yourself to anyone else. If you have the personality for the gig, the drive to match your ambition, and the dedication to see your vision through, you will find your audience and ultimately your own success.

Also remember becoming as successful as some of these major streamers is about as likely as your local college athlete making it into the NFL or an actor making it in Hollywood no matter the amount of effort put into it. But that doesn't mean you need to give up. Just keep things realistic and don't take your failures and setbacks so hard and personal. It's also worth pointing out that everyone has their own personal definition of success. Please, don't give up. Keep at it. Keep producing your content and striving for your dream. Unless there is some sort of life altering event to happen that forces you to have to stop, keep producing and enjoying yourself.

And always remember this: Take your shot. Don't let any positive looking opportunity pass you by. You will always miss 100% of the shots you don't take and the ones you miss are simply learning experiences.

Side Note-

Tiddy Streamers are the exception to almost every rule here. You shouldn't even try to compare yourself to them because, well, lets face it, they know what they're doing, their audience is gullible, and the content they create is minimal effort in all reality. I'm sure it takes a while to get the makeup done/outfits right, but ultimately they're just exploiting what they were given by nature and are exploiting the nature of humans looking for what these particular content creators have to offer.

Don't get upset about Tiddy Streamers. Just don't. These are full grown women who are doing what they want to do, know that they have the physical assets to do it, and are exploiting groups of people for their own personal gain. And you know what? That's fine. If it wasn't the Tiddy Streamer doing it, it would be someone else, maybe even in a more negative way. You probably don't want their audience anyways. Their audience might be the type that needs to introduce themselves to their neighbors whenever they move somewhere new or are on lists that nobody has business being on. You're better off without their people following you in the long run, so just let the Tiddy Streamer and their audience be.

If you see the Tiddy Streamer plying their trade in a video preview, just keep scrolling. There's no need to even try and bring "negative" attention to them. It is nothing more than free publicity. So, again, just leave the Tiddy Streamer alone and let them do their thing. They're not physically hurting anyone(mentally hurting someone is debatable I suppose) and if they can keep their audience out of the general public for a few hours out of the day they're actually doing society a bit of a favor.

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