Kotaku's Jason Schreier Goes After EA/Bioware.

Did EA ask too much from BioWare? Or did BioWare drop the ball?

Just to give sources here is Kotaku's article from Jason and BioWare's response to the article. Jason's article is a fairly long read but well worth it, just giving a heads up.

Now our takeaway from this is pretty simple. EA stepped in and shoehorned the Frostbite engine into the mix, BioWare wasn't really prepared for that which seems odd because BioWare had to use it on Mass Effect: Andromeda(it was an issue because everyone was just being introduced to Frostbite at BioWare if I remember correctly) and EA also had a hard deadline for BioWare to achieve. Fairly simple and run of the mill thing in the industry "Hey we need this by this date".

That's a total over simplification of it we know, but that's ultimately all EA did.

On BioWare's end though it just seems like poor leadership got in the way. They had 7 years to get a game together and just...couldn't. We can't think of any other reason aside from that. Maybe if EA hadn't made them use Frostbite it might've made a difference? Maybe. But regardless it just seems like BioWare dropped the ball for some reason. We get it, things happen. We aren't necessarily blaming BioWare. They're only human after all; with emotions, lives, families, etc. Game development takes a huge toll on someone and sometimes it's just too much and people break. Seems to have happened a lot during this particular game development cycle though.

It's understandable to throw shade at EA and BioWare. They should've learned from Destiny and Diablo 3. Hell even Division they could've taken notes from. They should've made adjustments and corrected course but they didn't.(They're doing it now though. BioWare gets an A for listening to their player base and trying to correct things as quickly as possible.)

They also weren't supposedly allowed to even talk about Destiny during this whole process? Which is odd. It seems like you'd want to analyze your competition so you can do better. EA also probably shouldn't have made Frostbite the engine the game runs on either.

Regardless of exactly who was wrong, or what went wrong, or any of that, Anthem turned out to be a very different game than what BioWare had originally intended. We *all* suffered because of whatever the hell actually happened in order to give us the "finished product" we all got.

All in all Anthem has a pretty bright future ahead of itself if people will just give it a chance. The same thing happened with the first Division, Destiny 1-2, and Diablo 3. They were pretty underwhelming and we'll say it, terrible, in the beginning with not a lot of real content to offer for end game activities. But they ultimately corrected course and so can/will Anthem. Don't give up on BioWare yet.

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