Latest Anthem Update: Pretty Significant Quality of Life Changes.

Yes, yes, yes. We've all heard how terrible Anthem is. How rocky of a launch its had and so forth and so forth. But, guess what? It's been nothing but getting better and better with each update they've been doing. EA/BioWare *are* listening to their fan base and are definitely trying to bring the game up from the mud it's been dragged through. Today had a significant update to the game that makes some of the more tedious aspects of the game not so tedious. Below is the entire list of fixes, or if you'd rather visit the official site here.

New Features

  1. The Sunken Cell stronghold is now available to all players who have completed the main story (critical path).

  2. Added the ability to select contracts from the start of expedition screen rather than going to the individual contract boards in Fort Tarsis or in the Launch Bay.

  3. Added the ability to launch a new mission from the end of expedition screen without having to return to Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay.

  4. Added the ability to access the Forge during Missions, Strongholds and Freeplay. You can now change your gear without having to return to Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay!

General Notes

  • Added additional cortex entries to explain combo, detonator, and primer abilities.

  • Added new Universal Masterwork Components

  • Extended Sniper Magazine: Adds specialized storage for enhanced sniper rifle ammunition. Increases damage by 30% of base damage. Increases maximum magazine size of sniper rifles by a large amount.

  • Rapid Hollow Points: Adds specialized ammo storage for machine pistols and autocannons. Increases damage by 30%. Increases weak point damage of machine pistols and autocannons

  • .Extended Special Arms Magazine: Adds specialized ammo storage for heavy pistols and grenade launchers. Increases damage by 30%. Increases maximum magazine size of heavy pistols and grenade launchers by a large amount.

  • Added primer/detonator icons in the cortex next to gear entries.

  • Fixed a bug where “Legendary Freelancer” Javelin challenge objectives weren’t completing correctly in the challenge journal.

  • Resolved an issue where players were being kicked back to Fort Tarsis when loading into quickplay missions.

  • Fixed a problem where the “Arcanist Loyalty 3" trophy could not granted on Playstation 4.

  • Fixed an issue where notifications for challenges were not appearing correctly.

  • Resolved an issue where after respawning, you could be downed again prior to re-loading back in fully.

  • Added STT (Speech-to-Text) and TTS (Text-to-Speech) on all platforms.

Masterwork Weapons

  • Retaliation of Garretus - Trajector Machine Pistol Increased bonus from 200% to 400%

  • Rolling Carnage - Vengeance Shotgun Increased bonus from 50% stacking 3 times, to 83.33% stacking 3 times.

  • The Last Stand - Mauler Autocannon Increased bonus from 200% to 225%

  • Fist of Stral - Cloudburst Autocannon Increased bonus from 10% stacking 10 times, to 16% stacking 10 times.

  • Unending Battle - Fulcrum Machine Pistol Increased bonus from 110% to 135%

  • Death From Above - Guardian Marksman Rifle Increased bonus from 65% to 235%

  • Wyvern Blitz - Deadeye Sniper RifleIncreased bonus from 40% to 185%

Masterwork Gear

  • Colossus:Final Judgment - HE Mortar Increased bonus from 35% to 55%

  • Fist of the Crucible - Flamethrower Increased bonus from 12% *10 to 24% *10

  • Interceptor Serpent’s Veil - Venom Bomb Increased bonus from 100% to 202.5%

  • Ruthless Stalker - Searching Glaive Increased bonus from 60% to 110%

  • Bitter Harvest - Cluster Mine Increased bonus from 60% to 110%

  • Ranger Cold Blooded - Frost Grenade Increased bonus from 235% to 270%

  • Avenger’s Boon - Pulse Blast Increased bonus from 210 % to 220%

  • Storm Ponder Infinity - Lightning Strike Increased bonus from 60% to 165%

  • Chaotic Rime - Frost ShardsIncreased bonus from 125% to 250%


  • Friendly player projectiles should now be able to pass through Javelins in your squad.

  • Colossus’ Firewall Mortar should now more reliably spawn the Firewall effect when directly hitting enemies, sloped surfaces, or next to walls.

Status Effects / Combos

  • Delay between when players and creatures are frozen and when the visual effect is applied has been reduced to improve readability of the status effect.If a player applies a status effect that already exists on a target, but the new status effect has a higher damage than the existing one, the damage will now scale to that higher value.

  • Players who prime targets for combos will now also see the “Combo” text when detonated by another player.

  • Increased the damage of the Electric status effect when applied to creatures.


  • Fixed additional issues where the Titan fireball projectile attack was hitting players when they successfully dodged/evaded.

  • Fixed an issue where the Titan would not always use all of its available attacks.