Microsoft's Project Scarlett To Have Exclusive Releases Every 3-4 Months..

Microsoft caught a lot of flak this generation with the lack of exclusive content, however contrary that went with Phil Spencer's outlook on allowing everyone to play everything, anywhere, at anytime and not wanting to unnecessarily lock people out of the gaming experience. Well, apparently, next gen is going to try and "fix" that little problem by pushing out exclusives for Microsoft's Project Scarlett every 3-4 months according to Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios.

While Matt says that the team has a little ways to go and that in the initial stages of launch things might be a bit bumpy with that criteria Matt seems confident enough that the goal can be reached. Matt also says that Project Scarlett will have the largest library of launch titles available than any other Xbox console due to Project Scarlett's backwards compatibility function, which is supposed to include all the O.G. Xbox games through the Xbox One catalogue.

While trying to include the BC catalogue into the launch library(or just library in general) may cause some alarm for some people, keep in mind all the studio acquisitions that Microsoft has done and still has in the works. All these studios working to put out first party Microsoft/Xbox titles could really make the every 3-4 month window for exclusive Xbox titles a reality.

While all of this sounds good on paper, my only reservations about this approach is quality of the games released, burnout, and raising the amount of time for new games to release on a platform to an unrealistic ideal.

  • Pushing studios to deliver a new game every 3-4 months could cause a lot of shovel-ware on the system, like we saw with the Wii.

  • It might also make those newly acquired first party studios rethink their contracts when it's time to renew and jump ship. Crunch is a real thing in the industry that a lot of studios/developers have received much grief over. Either people being cry babies over having to work more than 40hrs in a week or a legit complaint about not receiving OT pay(for non-salary positions) or other compensatory means; Crunch is still something to worry about. Humans can only take so much.

  • Lets say that everything goes to plan and Microsoft does keep to their scheduled goal; what sort of expectations does that build for the customer base? Are we going to expect this from every developer/studio from that point forward? Is that a good thing to expect out of the industry? I have to say no to that expectation. I'd much rather wait a year or two in between titles to even get a "decent" game vs only 3-4 months and get a crap game that would end up in the bargain bin because it had to be made just to meet a deadline.

Microsoft's Project Scarlett is slated for a holiday 2020 release date so keep your eyes peeled in the upcoming year for more information.

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