My Thoughts On The Bethesda and Blizzard Dumpster Fires....

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

By now, if you've been keeping up with gaming news even slightly, you know that Blizzard loves China and doesn't want you speaking out against their potential communist money makers and that Bethesda just can't let go of Fallout 76; coming out with a subscription service for the game that has not been received very well and for good reason.

First, lets talk a bit about Blizzard. How did they think their move was going to be received by the general public anyways? You basically took up for China because you want their sweet, sweet "untapped" mobile market for your horrible Diablo Immortal game and other random odds and ends you can push over there. Granted, yes, Blizzard did back away from the ban and gave the guy his prize money but is that really enough damage control? They seem to have abandoned the whole Q&A section of BlizzCon. There was at least a Q&A WoW segment yesterday on their official schedule but even that seems to have disappeared. Maybe some of the "Coming Soon" segments will be Q&A's?[EDIT: There are going to be Q&A panels now but during the last 10-15 minutes of each panel. There is also a box where questions can be put into the first few days, then on Sunday they will answer/read relevant questions at some point. Sorry about getting this wrong everyone, but just needed to correct my mistake.] We can only hope that more than a few people try and put the pressure on them during this small window of time and that the protests schedule for the event actually take place. Then there were leaks for Diablo 4 and a remaster of Diablo 2. Yeah.."leaks" is what it was in my opinion. I'm pretty sure Blizzard knew they had to throw something out there to try and take the heat off of themselves and distract the masses. I really hope it doesn't work near as well as they are thinking it will, and with the cancellation of that Overwatch Nintendo event it shows that we, as gamers, aren't forgetting as soon as Blizzard would like for us to. We all need to continue rubbing Blizzard's nose into that mistake so hopefully it won't happen again. All that being said though this Hong Kong debacle isn't going to stop Blizzard from pursuing their China efforts. There's just too much money at stake for our American capitalist nature to not even attempt to go after.

And who can really blame them, from a business stand point, for trying? Anyone in their right mind would try to. But it just seems that again, anyone in their right mind, would remember what country and what people made their business and supported their business from the beginning and wouldn't try to shit where they eat, right? I guess we'll just have to wait a little while after BlizzCon is over and done with to see if anything thrown at the proverbial Blizzard wall sticks.

Bethesda: Hey everyone!It's Fallout 76! Literally Nobody:<crickets> Bethesda: Now with a subscription service!

Now, lets move on the poor Bethesda and Fallout 76. I don't even really know where to start because this is a hard one for me. I played Fallout 76 a lot. I'm level 98, or damn near close to it, but that seems to be rookie numbers for some of the levels I've seen last time I logged in(about a month ago)with seeing more than a few level 200+. I put time and effort into Fallout 76 and really wanted to like it, I even bought the Collector's Edition from Amazon. Needless to say, what joy and fun I found with the game quickly died off once I realised there just wasn't a lot to the game to keep me coming back once I finished the "story" and the weird perk card/leveling progression system just seemed off. After a while you're literally just getting random perk cards for the hell of it to use the level up or are stuck trying to manage your stat ranking vs perk card rating to get "the best" you can out of your character and perks which was fun in the beginning but just got tiresome in the long run. On top of the stat/perk card juggling, there's a constant inventory management struggle that is unheard of in other Fallout games.

Fallout 76 seems to be this mistake that Bethesda just can't let go of. I get it though, if the Wastelander update that got pushed back to 2020 is going to make it a more traditional Fallout experience, I understand them not giving up on it yet. It just seems to me that they're just trying to milk their existing fanbase for everything they can because the game just simply fell flat of their expectations. While there are still a lot of people who play Fallout 76( I think 800K+ or around there are the last numbers I remember) Bethesda is trying to just go white whaling with the sub service they just announced for Fallout 76 to try and make up for the lost revenue.

Yep, that's right. A subscription service called Fallout 1st. For either $12.99/mnth or $99/yr you can get your own private server for you and your friends, unlimited scrap capacity(Which might be why they use the weird inventory system in the base Fallout 76) and some other stuff shown below in the graphic. You can click here for the Bethesda official page if you want to learn more.

The huge slap in the face here should be the Scrapbox. I mean, they could do this in the base game if they really wanted to but are using it as a sort of selling point to get people to sign up for Fallout 1st in my humble opinion. The second slap in the face would be the Atoms. It's kind of like making up for your money spent but only in small, monthly, store credit stipends and to buy crap from the Atom Store that really isn't game breaking and mostly cosmetic. I don't know who the hell at Bethesda thought this was a good idea but it surely isn't and I hope this is a tremendous failure. Private servers are great and all but Bethesda could've just literally made a new, stand alone Fallout game. Giving us a multiplayer experience online with our friends like the vast majority of us were wanting anyways. Nobody asked for a Fallout MMO made like Fallout 76. For the love of everything Bethesda, if your upcoming Wastelander expansion doesn't bring people back and make Fallout 76 more of a true wasteland experience, let Fallout 76 go. Please. Just, let it go and put your time, effort, and money into the inevitable Fallout 5 you're going to make for the next gen systems.

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