PS5 vs Next Gen Xbox: It's Getting Ridiculous But In A Good Way.

All this upcoming power is great but is it ultimately wasted?

So by now we've all heard of the next gen PS5 and the stats it's supposed to boost. You know, SSD, 8k graphics, backwards compat with PS4, etc. Which is fine and dandy, I love the idea of the SSD finally making its way into a console. Of course, Microsoft had to fire back with the next gen Xbox is going to be more powerful than the PS5. That should come as no surprise considering the Xbox One X outperforms the PS4 Pro and Microsoft already said the next generation of Xbox is going to be the most powerful console(s) ever. They've proved they can do it with the Xbox One X, they can probably do it with the next iteration of console as well.

I would like to clarify that I am stoked about both consoles. I like both consoles to an almost equal degree but I admittedly lean more towards MS, that's only because they won me over with the original Fable and at how the O.G Xbox ran GTA: San Andreas and that other games ran more smoothly on my O.G. Xbox than on my PS2 when I compared them. Plus, playing Ninja Gaiden on the original Xbox blew my mind graphically as well. Oh, and the fact I didn't need a memory card. That was a pretty big plus. Anyways, I digress. The point in me stating the above is simply this: While all this power is amazing and I'm sure developers are loving it because it's giving them better tools to work with and more options, as gamers are we really going to take advantage of the specs ourselves? You probably just bought a 4k tv within the last year or two, maybe even this year. Are you about to scrap it for an 8k with the launch of these new consoles?

4k is still relatively new. 8k is just mind blowing and only a few tvs/monitors right now even support it. Plus, the human eye has limitations and no matter what they put into the specs, it'll be wasted on anyone who probably doesn't have 20/20 vision. We can also debate the human eye and how 60fps is "wasted" on it, but there's a difference between 30fps and 60fps enough to where 60fps should be the standard for games going forward.

The only thing that stands out to me is the SSD being including to drastically decrease load times. Everything else is kinda just filler. Go ahead and make it 8k. That's fine. But you could keep it at 4k and actually hit that 60fps mark we all want, couldn't you? Or maybe give us an option to tone down the graphic settings so we could choose 8k 30fps(theory here for frame rate) or 4k 60fps?

I know it's pretty early to even be writing something like this, considering the stats for the next gen Xbox is still a total mystery. But the leaks about the Xbox being more powerful are from some very reliable sources that have been more than accurate on leaks for the past Xbox systems. I suppose we will all have to wait until 2020 anyways to get to experience the consoles for ourselves. Everything looks fine on paper and it's okay to get excited about it, but it's how they both will operate in the field that should matter most. I'm just saying I'd rather have some beefy hardware inside my console that can keep a consistent 60fps at 4k resolution(with HDR active of course) than look at something really pretty that might start stuttering, dropping frame rates and drop down to 4k resolution anyways during intense moments of gaming. All the power these upcoming consoles are supposed to have sounds great. I'm in no way trying to knock them. The more power there is, the better quality games we'll see and the more things that can be done. Super excited to see what's to come but at the same time super hesitant that maybe devs will try too hard on the graphical end of games at the very beginning just to show off how pretty either console, and their games, can be. Rather than try to use all the power for overall stability.

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