Sony Is Why There's No Cross Platform Character Transfer

If you were wondering why there was never a chance to transfer your Destiny 2 character from PS to Xbox or PC, or any combination thereof, it's because of Sony. In this article here by GameRant(sourced by Kotaku) it basically says that Sony blocked any hopes and dreams of character transfer because they wanted Destiny 2 to be synonymous with Playstation. Which would explain why Sony dished out all that money for all the straight out exclusive and timed exclusive content.

Would you like to be able to transfer character data? Sony says not on their watch.

I guess now that Bungie is free from Activision and seem to have full control over the franchise now we'll see if that exclusivity stays? Seems like they'd want people to be able to transfer characters. Allowing people to do so would keep the game alive instead of having to buy it all over again for a specific platform to play with friends, or refusing to buy it for a specific platform because there's chunks of content missing.

My personal opinion is that Sony's ego has got the better of them at the end of this generation of "console war". There's no doubt that they won, at least on the financial level. They seem to be losing battles on all sorts of other fronts though by just not wanting to play well with others. With all the progress Microsoft has made with making their content accessible to as many people as possible, acquiring all those studios, Game Pass(even teasing a merger of Game Pass/Xbox Live into one membership), and a myriad of other things we will see if Sony pulls their heads out of their asses at any point before the launch of next gen material. I certainly hope they do because only the customer suffers if they continue to ignore their customer base and the wants/needs of it.

We'll get a better idea of where both giants stand as far as listening to their customers and overall service when the next generation consoles finally get released into the wild. Sony has reigned supreme with exclusives and exclusive/timed content but is that enough anymore? If that's really all you can boast and everything else seems to either fall flat entirely, not stack up that well compared to the "other guy's" services, or pretty much be the same, is that exclusivity really a leg to stand on anymore in this day and age?

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