State of Arena v10

Author: Maskevic 08/28/2020

Welcome back “The State of Arena”! This week we will discuss the most recent banning announcement and we have a big announcement for next week!

This past week we saw another banned announcement which banned (again) Field of the Dead in Historic. This came as a relief since the release of Amonkhet remastered introduced yet another card that finds a land and puts it into play. Field of the dead decks were taking over the meta and was becoming very frustrating to compete against. With that banning coming aboard, it has opened up other decks to see play. I have been running a Grixis Control deck trying to utilize thought seize and the various Nicol Bolas cards we have available. Currently it’s winning at about 50%, which is a slow roll for ranking up. I will continue to tweak the deck to try to get it more competitive. Stay tuned for that!

In Standard, we see a continued dominance by Sultai shells. Control and ramp decks in this shell are very powerful and I have picked up the control variant to test out the standard ranks. Ranking up this season has proved difficult since I have not really fallen in love with any particular deck, but that does not mean it hasn’t been fun trying. I have a couple of days left to try to hit mythic, so I will see what Sultai does for me in that regard.

The last topic I want to discuss is that next week I will be a featured content creator for Wizards of the Coast and on Wednesday they will be promoting my stream! This is huge for a streamer of my size and I am looking forward to being featured on social media and twitch! I will be playing Standard, Historic, and at least one limited event. Stop by and chat and I look forward to seeing you all there!

That is all for this week! Tune in to my streams as we dive into MTG Arena almost daily. Feel free to provide feedback by emailing me at or contacting us here at the site! Until next time, happy gaming my friends and we will see you then!

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