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The State of Arena


Author: Maskevic

Welcome back “The State of Arena”! This week is a bit shorter due to life duties and having some arena downtime. That being said let us jump right in and see what is going on in the arena.

Last weekend was the final weekend of the player’s tour, and boy did it shake up the meta as players chose decks to beat wilderness reclamation! We saw a black/white (orzhov) deck that forced discards, sacrifice, and tried to keep the board clean with yorion bouncing things all over the yard. We saw a rise in sacrifice decks and a few aggressive decks take the field with success. What that tells me is the following week would be quite interesting, and indeed, it was!

This week I was able to take the field with a mono green stompy list ( and was able to climb all the way to number 1104 on the mythic ladder! This was my highest rank ever (and has dropped since then due to other factors, see below) and I am quite happy about it. I am hoping to finish the season (ending in a few days) above 1200, but that will be a grind and a challenge no doubt. This mono green list has quite the game plan against most decks, using big aggressive creatures and situational exploit cards to overwhelm the opponent while suppressing small aggressive decks.

While we did have success and fun with mono green, it is not my style of deck preferably, as I lean towards mid-range and control decks. Midrange decks seek to slow the early aggression while overrunning slower decks around turns 4 through 6, while control seeks to prevent the opponent from winning the game while slowly building towards their own win condition. I am hoping to explore more of these in the new standard as the new M21 set is released now.

That brings me to the last point for this week. The new set is out, and with that, new set means a new game update. This game update brought in all of the new cards and mechanics, but also introduced some bugs in the software that caused some frustration early on. Crashes and blank screens were common in the early going and as of this article’s writing; they had yet to be completely resolved. That has put a damper on feeling out what is seeing play, but so far, I can tell you that people are really trying hard to use the new planeswalkers in the set; especially Teferi and Ugin. If you can resolve Ugin, the game is basically over (not literally but most of the time). He is powerful. He is good. He just costs a lot of mana, so try to accelerate that with ramp. There is a list by a popular streamer that I want to try, but until I can acquire the wildcards to get the set, I will have to use my own versions in its place.

That is all for this week! Tune in to my streams as we dive into MTG Arena almost daily. Feel free to provide feedback by emailing me at or contacting us here at the site! Until next time, happy gaming my friends and we will see you then!

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