The Overall Asshattedness of Gamers Needs to Stop.

This article(it's a long one) will probably cost me some followers and supporters, I get it. I don't blame you at all but it ultimately would just further my argument here. I appreciate your support while you supported me; if you decide to stop following and supporting that is.

I'm going to be addressing two things that have been coming to a boil within the industry these past oh, 5 years give or take: Developer Hate and the "Git Gud" mindset.

These two subjects might hit home a bit too much for some and some will probably think I'm personally attacking you. I promise you I'm not, I'm just as guilty as you in this for the most part. We are all guilty of it, we've got to notice this and correct ourselves or our Geek Culture is going to just end up being more vile, toxic, and just down right mean and hateful.

I'd also like to say that these statements are not pointed directly at individuals but rather blanket statements. There are exceptions to everything I know and those of you who are actually decent human beings and strive to make the gaming world a better place my hat goes off to you. There needs to be exponentially more of you in this Geek Culture and I encourage you to step up and let your voices be heard over all the trolls out there.

Developer Hate

This is something that has sprung up pretty hardcore lately even involving developers getting death threats. Over a game. Something that this entire team of people have produced for you to enjoy and because for whatever reason it doesn't live up to your expectations, you fly off the handle like a 4 year old having a temper tantrum. You guys honestly don't know what these people go through.

Have you ever let the credits roll on a few of the more recent games? Probably within the past two or three years? There's been a couple of end credits where there's literally a place for people who have died(probably natural causes but you never know, it doesn't say) while the game was in production or for families that got split up or other "collateral damage" incurred during production. I'm assuming most of you skip the credits because, lets face it, they aren't exactly thrilling. I get it, I used to do the same thing but some games have taken the Marvel approach to end credits and put in little scenes, or even achievements, for watching the whole thing through. So, maybe next time you finish a game watch the credits, pay attention towards the end of the credits and take note; see if you find the section I'm talking about. It'll make you rethink how you feel about developers on an almost human level, heaven forbid.

The above being said there's also just the amount of crunch time, mental and emotional stresses and other "outside influences" that will wreck havoc on development teams. Developers will have literal mental breakdowns and just go M.I.A for a month or two because they just snap with the unreal amount of work they have to put into a game. You know how you feel when you get home from working a 12hr shift and your family/S.O is either already asleep, or getting ready to go to sleep, so you don't get to see them and you feel like a piece of crap?'s not a good feeling. Most developers with families/S.O's deal with that too, but a lot of times some of them wont even see their family/S.O for days because they'll be working such long hours and sleeping/showering/eating at the office to make some arbitrary deadline so some dickbag in a suit can make money and shareholders can be made happy.

The time spent away from their families/S.O can cause a rift to develop between them and their loved ones. A rift that causes many relationships to forever change or crumble entirely all because the developers and their loved ones didn't fully understand the sacrifices needed to be made on a personal level to, lets face it, make a product for a hobby so someone else can have fun.

Working on a game is not like working a production based job where if you can you speed up your own physical pace you can produce more product, or move a little faster you can put up the extra few pieces of drywall. When a dev goes to test their work, and it doesn't work anywhere near the way they intended, they have go back to the drawing board and work on the same problem for another few hours, days, or even weeks. Imagine having to do that in your job on an almost constant basis and the mental toll it would take on you after a little while, especially with a looming deadline set in stone.

It is *not* okay however, to fly off the handle at them, send death threats or just generally be an asshole to them wherever they may show themselves. In person or social media. They made something you didn't like, oh well, deal with it. You should've done your research on the product. You, as the consumer, have a responsibility to know what you're buying before you buy. I think we've all forgotten that simple concept. So either don't buy anything from them ever again or shut the hell up and leave them alone. I'm sure they did their best with the resources and time they had. Also, speaking with your wallet and not buying their products speaks *WAYYY* more volume than anything you could ever Keyboard Commando at them.

So next time a game comes out that gets hyped up and doesn't meet your criteria and you're let down by it, don't be a douchebag and go after the publisher and developer like a dog backed into a corner. Give them some *respectful and professional* feedback. Just don't buy anything for that game until it's patched, or don't buy anything else from that particular developer again. DO YOUR RESEARCH first and foremost. Don't be a fanboy and fall onto the hype-train tracks and get completely run over. You as a consumer are not completely absolved of all responsibility if you just blindly buy everything. That's on you.

"Git Gud Scrub" Mentality

Okay, lets face it. There are varying degrees of skill level among us gamers. It's just a fact that is sprinkled in throughout all aspects of life. I'm nowhere near as responsive as I was in my younger years so I know that competitive play will never be on my radar. I'm 35 now and would probably get owned by someone in their 20's just because of my slowed down reaction time and reflexes. Simple as that. I own that shit completely and it's fine.

There seems to be this toxic outlook on "noobs" though, or people who just aren't good enough at a game for whatever reason. Has it really gotten worse or have people just become more vocal about it lately? I remember back in the days of the MW2 game lobbies there was some pretty ruthless shit being thrown back and forth and I'm amazed there's still mothers out there that can walk.

An elitist attitude seems to have taken the spotlight though. I don't even know if elitist is the right word. Selfish maybe? Elitist and Selfish? Narcissistic even? Anyways, some people aren't good because of actual physical limitations but love to play because playing helps them out on so many levels. Some people just like the game, enjoy playing it and just have fun. There's nothing wrong with either of scenarios. Games are meant to be something for you to enjoy playing. Not a cesspool of toxicity you have to wade through. Lots of gaming communities have become this cesspool and it's very sad.

There's also the people who play games to escape something that is going on in their lives. I know this because when my mom died unexpectedly in a car accident video games helped to take my mind off of that. Video games have helped me throughout a number of rough times in my life. I share this because you don't know if the person who you are ridiculing is going through something similar and are just trying to not think about the rough time they're having right now.

Why do people feel the need to be "that guy" though and just steamroll someone who doesn't live up to their expectations? So you can own them in play? Good for you. You're better than someone in a digital landscape where it doesn't really matter. Bravo. I'm sure there's plenty of other people that can wipe the floor with you as well. Either they haven't met them yet or they don't play in their qualifying skill level because they don't want to possibly be on the receiving end of the ridicule themselves? One of those weird scenarios where they'd rather be the master of the "losers" than a "loser" in the masters?

Then there's those pro skill level players who will start up new characters/accounts just to go in and troll the newbies. Why? That's like me beating up on a 5 year old. There's no skill involved in it and it doesn't further your training at all. I never understood doing that and is just a small sub-group of people that just add to the toxicity and overall negative interactions in the gaming community.