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The State of Arena-6/12/2020

Author: Maskevic

Welcome back “The State of Arena”! One week in the books and we already have new updates to the historic format…and spoilers, we have to talk Core Set 2021 Spoilers!

Let’s dig in and see what Arena is looking like.

This week brought another Banned and Restricted (B&R) announcement, suspending Winota in historic due to its incredibly high win rate and sudden surge in presence on the historic ranked ladder. Winning the game on turn 4 most of the time was too strong and created quite the pushback on social media, so WOTC decided to go ahead and suspend Winota for now.

Speaking of historic and the recent B&R’s, I was able to play quite a bit of Historic and from what I can tell, mono red aggro (RDW) and UWX (blue + white + another color) decks feel like they are dominating the meta again. This was to be expected as those decks have always been strong. The Field of the Dead (FOD) decks I mentioned last week are also prevalent and powerful, but at least there seems to be a fairness and fun factor in Historic play again!

The standard meta is still shaping itself out, but as predicted, last weekends tournament data proved that the various sacrifice decks (Rakdos and Jund primarily) along with the Temur Reclamation decks have surfaced to the top and are very powerful. Temur reclamation had the overall highest win rate of decks played, so be prepared to construct your sideboards accordingly! In my opinion, if your sideboard plan doesn’t include cards like Grafdigger’s Cage, counter spells or some other form of interaction, then it is going to be an uphill battle to climb the ranks. Cards like Hushbringer, enchantment removal, and ways to prevent direct damage will go a long way to overcoming the power of these decks.

Speaking of standard, we also got to see confirmed spoilers this week for Core Set 2021 (M21) which comes out in a few weeks. These cards are going to warp the Standard and Historic metagame, and some may even impact older formats such as legacy and modern! While we don’t delve into older formats much here, just know that these new cards are going to be very powerful across the board and several of these cards are going to be staples in the Commander format! We will touch on specific cards next week as most of the spoilers will be finished at that point, but do yourself a favor and check them out at Mythic Spoiler! I’m so hyped about the new planeswalkers! Teferi is going to be nuts!

That’s all for this week! I know this week was a bit shorter, but it has been a wild week here on the home front! Tune in to my streams as we dive into MTG Arena almost daily. Feel free to provide feedback by emailing me at or contacting us here at the site! Until next time, happy gaming my friends and we will see you then!

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