Weekly Game Trailers v16

Welcome back to the Weekly Game Trailers segment for the 16th iteration and, well, there's not really a lot this week. With all the Cyberpunk bs going on, the end of the year/close to the end of the fiscal year, and it being holiday time limiting the amount of free time I had to scour this week, this Weekly Game Trailers will be really short and sweet. Anyways, I hope you find the few trailers I did pick out to be interesting enough. As always, don't forget to share the article, share the website, and help spread the word about R.R.G.

Also, if you didn't see my post on Twitter the other day, the only way to watch any videos I'm going to put out will be directly through the website now. So be sure to check the website once or twice a week for new videos too.

Without anymore rambling, here come the trailers!

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