Weekly Game Trailers v17

Welcome back everyone. It's that time of the week for the Weekly Game Trailers segment! I've looked around and found some interesting game trailers to bring to your attention and, hopefully, you find them interesting enough to maybe even put them on your "to play" list.

As always, like and share this content around. I hate to keep sounding like a broken record with all the asking I do for shares, likes and follows, but we all know this is the only way a small time outlet can get any traction if you're not part of some already well established brand, or have the thousands it takes to create a successful marketing campaign(And I'm neither of them). But really, it helps tremendously. All links are in the top right of the website! Thank you in advance and here come the trailers!

The Voxel Summer Forest Meadows is actually just a demo of the world, it's a work in progress but damn if I didn't find it beautiful and wanting to see more of the game.

While this is just a mod for New Vegas, I thought it deserved a space here.

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