Weekly Game Trailers v20

Welcome back everyone to the 20th edition of Weekly Game Trailers. Yes, the 20th edition. I've been doing this for 5 months now. Crazy, huh? Anyways, there's a lot of trailers to go through so I'll shut up and just throw them at your face now. As always though, follow me on social media if you want to be kept up to date with all things R.R.G(links in the top right of the site). I'd also like to give a very special thank you to all 4-6 people who usually take the time to glance these over. haha. You're awesome people and don't be afraid to hit that like share button!....seriously, don't be. I have no marketing budget and word of mouth/sharing is pretty much the tits and would be GREATLY appreciated.

Zecha Tactics-

"Zecha Tactics is planned to become a tactical role-playing game in which we command our Mechas in turn-based battles. The game will focus on a single-player experience, telling a story about a conflict on an alien planet called Aldsan-Od. We explore the game world on board a mech carrier, talk to team members, research new technologies, and send our Mechas into battles for the planet’s heavily contested resources. War won’t always be the only option as a diplomacy system should also provide for allied factions. The developers point out that the customization of the Mechas and the carrier will play a unique role."


Gunslingers and Zombies-

Face Zombie Apocalypse in Wild West. Manage your crew in a Turn-based strategy and adventure game. Survive, scavenge, explore the world. Use different talents of your team members and develop your tactics. Resolve the zombie mystery.

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