• Will Black

What I thought: The Game Awards 2019

The Game Awards

The Game Awards each year usually brings the hype for me but this year it might have brought the hype for a lot of other folks.

Some of the biggest reveals, one being Xbox Series X and the other being Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 are definitely cool to watch. However, what we're basically getting is a fancy announcement with no game play. This is the major problem with these reveals. It's a big ad with some fancy wrapping and it pretty much kills the hype itself. Despite all of this, the memes for the Xbox Series X are amazing already.

Here's what I did like about The Game Awards and it's solely my opinion.

Game of the Year

For me it was a tie between Death Stranding and Sekiro. Having just finished Death Stranding, the experience is sill lingering with me as I type this however, Sekiro as an overall experience was amazing.

ESports Event

As part of the FGC, me and you knew Evo 2019 didn't shill hard enough to win this.

Fighting Game

Should I even mention this category? Two of the games on this list are not really traditional fighting games (one might argue one isn't even a game) and the one great release this year was snubbed heavily. I award this to Samurai Shodown for amazing consumer practices (free season DLC and downloads) and overall great game.

Game Direction

Death Stranding won here and it's no surprise. Kojima still has that director's touch, even in DS. As a complete package, Death Stranding felt more compact and tight than many of his Metal Gear gears.


I understand that Mr. Mikkelsen is a great actor and his role in Death Stranding was moving. However, from someone who played Death Stranding (did I mention I finished it as well?), this award should've realistically went to Tommie Earl Jenkins. The man did an amazing performance in Death Stranding but he gets no mention here? Shame!


Bravely Default II looks amazing!

Sons of the Forest looks like a gripping horror FPS (one of my favorite genres) and can't wait to see more about it.

All of the League of Legend Story games. Looks like there will be a few of these, in different genres as well. I was never into LoL but the lore seems cool enough to check out.

The Muppet bit was amazing. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check it out on YouTube.

Weird West, an action RPG by the creators of Dishonored looks really cool. I love that particular setting so I look forward to this.

Now for the disappointing aspects of the show:

There was a bit too much Magic: The Gathering Arena. I like magic as much as the next TCG player but this was layered on a bit -- from the new Theros Beyond Death expansion for Arena (which again, is just a fancy trailer, nothing about gameplay) to Magic Legends (again, another trailer).

The Joker reveal and Harlequin (skin, I'm assuming) just wasn't surprising nor was it hype at all. MK11 came after the fumes of Injustice 2 was fading out and to see both of these characters in a NRS fighting game again killed my excitement. I wish they would've went with a classic Mortal Kombat character or a new character.

The Fortnite shilling force was strong -- Star Wars and JJ Abrahams doing their thing, trying to appeal to the young crowd with this tie-in. For those that care about both franchises, that's great. But if you only care for one, this doesn't seem hype at all and very forced. Perhaps Disney's next move is to buy Epic Games?

Last but not least... Hidetaka Miyazaki was present to receive the award for Game of the Year but had nothing from Elden Ring to show?

Major bummer!

Overall, the show wasn't too bad but wasn't amazing either. Save for a few surprises (very cool premieres to some very lukewarm premieres), it seems Geoff kept it safe.

So much for this "leaked" image for a trailer!