Why You Should Support Independent Content Creators

Whether you know it or not, your independent content creators are what make YouTube, Bitchute and all of your other social media outlets actually worth using and bring us laughter and smiles on a daily basis. So, why are people so hesitant to hit a like on something? Or hit the subscribe or follow button?

There are also other things independent content creators have to worry about, aside from the indecisiveness of users to hit the sub/like/follow/share functions. If you keep up to date with the Content Creator world you might be familiar with suppression, shadow banning, algorithms, etc... If not, well, here's a crash course: Suppression: Pretty much self explanatory. YouTube/Twitter/Facebook will suppress any creator that they deem "on the wrong side of the fence". Like if you go to watch one of your favorite content creators on YouTube, you'll probably see videos from major news/big named outlets/Check marked creators pop up at the top slot(s) of your recommended videos instead of other independent content creators.Effectively suppressing the small guy while the bigger channels get recommended not 100% of the time, but way more often.

Shadow Banning: Is pretty much the same as suppression, but YouTube/Twitter will literally throttle your content, making it to where any of your new posts take hours, if not days, to show up on people's time lines. Making it appear that people no longer like your content, interact with your content, and make other users think you aren't nearly as active as you truly are. So they start unfollowing/unsubscribing from you due to "lack of consistent content" and interaction from viewers/followers. YouTube will also mess with your view count making a smaller creator with a video that might show 5 views to the public, but on the creator's end, they might have 8 or 10 views. Not a huge difference, but big enough to where if you see a video with 0 views on a smaller channel, it probably has 2-4 views. But, because it says 0, your odds of watching it are pretty much none because no one else has shown interest in the video. Effectively making that creators channel seem dull/lifeless and in turn, lowering the chances of someone subscribing to their channel.

The Algorithm: You're probably familiar with this already, but the important thing to remember about this is that the algorithm only "notices" channels with high interaction(likes, shares, views, etc..) and will only suggest those videos. Also, on a side note, regardless of how much interaction the video has, the algorithm will do its best to ignore channels that have been demonetized because YouTube will not make any money off of those channels due to no ads being ran on them.

Now that we have that out of the way, lets move on to support. Support doesn't mean you have to subscribe to the creator's Patreon, Subscribestar, or join their special club at a monthly fee. That is a type of support but, most content creators see support as likes/subs/follows/shares/retweets/unique views/hours watched, etc. But, lets also be honest here, if you do monetarily support your fav content creator(s) that is probably the best direct way to show your support. You've been seeing a lot of YouTube creators(big and small) "whining" about their channels being messed with, getting demonetized, and other general fuckery, right? You're also probably tired of hearing about it. Well, take a second to think about it. These people put out content for us to consume and enjoy. They entertain us for 5-20 minutes with content, or maybe they do hours long live streams, etc. They put in a lot of time and effort to make content for us and all they generally ask of us is to subscribe to their channels/interact. If their content is being messed with, their only outlet is to mention it in videos and try to drum up support from their viewers. Nobody wants to be Spartacus, but sometimes, you gotta be.

That's probably another thing you get tired of hearing about: The "e-begging" for subs. But seriously, it takes us no time at all to hit the subscribe button if we find out we like a couple of their videos. So why not hit that sub button just to show some support? You don't have to "ring the bell" if you don't want to. Just hitting that subscribe button means the world to content creators on any platform you choose to watch your videos on. Plus, these creators are throwing themselves out there into the wild for better or worse. It takes balls to be a content creator and the least we can do is acknowledge their entrepreneur spirit. Plus, you can always take your sub/follow back at a later date if it turns out you don't like their content in the long run. So what do we have to lose? Absolutely nothing if you think about it that way. By hitting that subscribe button you help the content creator get closer to having their channel(s) monetized or to remain monetized. Which is, regardless of what any content creator tells you, the ultimate goal. It might not be they want their channel(s) to be their main source of income, but they would love for it to be supplemental at the very least. Also, your interaction with their video by subscribing tells the algorithm that these people need to be looked at/shared around/suggested more. Your lone interaction helps in so many "back end" ways you probably don't even think about. So, what about other social media platforms you might ask? Well, the same rules basically apply there as well. We all know that the follower count/likes on Twitter and Facebook are a social currency of sorts. The more a person has, the more likely you are to follow them or take their opinions more seriously, right? If you follow someone on YouTube/Bitchute, you may as well go follow them on Twitter/Facebook or any other platform they're on as well; saying you are on those platforms of course. While the bigger fish in the pond like to gain followers too, you going out of your way to follow smaller content creators on their platforms of choice means *SO* much more to them and helps them to become relevant in the ocean of creators out there. Now, you might be wondering what it means to the content creator when you hit that sub button/like/follow/share, right? It means the world to them. It helps to keep that content creator going. It gives them the motivation they need to keep doing their craft. Even if the creator you just watched is a big name creator and already has a successful channel, without people continuing to hit the sub button and interact with their content/posts, they will grow stagnant and eventually fail. Having people not continually subscribe or interact is the equivalent of a content creator slowly bleeding to death. You might not think they need your lone interactions, but trust me, they do. All content creators of all audience sizes need that interaction. So, next time you're browsing through YouTube, BitChute, Facebook, Minds, Instagram or wherever you get your social media fix, if you run across a creator that makes you smile, laugh, or heaven forbid gives you something to think about, drop them a like on their content at the very least. The subscribe/share would be better, but even that little click on the like button helps tremendously. Hell, leave a little comment if you want to. Even if most creators don't respond to comments at all or only do it for the first hour they put out something, everything and anything you can do to show support helps.

So what are you waiting for? Don't be scared to click those subscribe/like/follow buttons and also don't be one of those people who "need to be shown you're worthy of my sub/follow". That kind of mentality should be reserved for Patreons, Subscribestars and other services that require money. Not something as simple as subscribing/following/liking things.

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