Becoming a R.R.G. Content Creator

***If you would like to become a content creator for Razael's Revenge Gaming email me at I'm not sure if the Contact Form at the bottom is actually working correctly at the moment.***

How does this work exactly?

-This will work based mainly on social networking within the community we create and by me(and hopefully eventually more admins) supporting the website/your content directly via social media outlets. With everyone getting to know each other and helping each other grow through networking with one another, sharing each other's content links, giving shout outs, we can all grow and help make R.R.G into a thriving and supportive community where we can all succeed on whatever level we are shooting for.

What sort of content do you need to create?

-Anything video game, tabletop RPG, TCG, miniature war game, blogger/writer/podcaster related content. This could be streaming, making review/news videos or articles, painting or D.I.Y tutorials even shoutcasters and commentators are welcome!


If it's content that is related to our wonderful Geek Culture: video games, tabletop games, TCG/CCG, comics and graphic novels, movies, shows, anime, commentating/casting, or even music composition, it qualifies!

How often do you need to create?

-That is completely up to you. I do think that at least 1 piece per week is probably the bare minimum of acceptable if you're a streamer, video content creator, podcaster, blogger or writer.

Small business or developer looking for some support?

-That's fine too! I am willing to work with you(just get into contact with me)or if you want, you can simply visit the Support The Cause page and do it that way!

Okay, so hopefully you read everything above and are still interested. Now, here comes the stipulations part of being an R.R.G. Content Creator. Don't worry, it's not as bad as it seems I just feel like I need to be transparent.

So, you got accepted and are now an R.R.G Content Creator. What do you need to be aware of?

-There's not a lot actually. The only major thing would be that somewhere in your bio or on your stream page, just anywhere really, there needs to be some sort of a way to identify you as an R.R.G. Content Creator. This could be the use of the graphic(I'll send you one) on your stream overlay, the graphic in your panels, the website link, anything really.


If you use a graphic just have it hyperlinked to the website as well. I have a stream overlay for you to use if you're interested. If you use it, fine, if you don't no biggie, it's just there if you want to try it out.

This is as "intrusive" as I'll ever be. Your content is your own. I do not have any rights to your content, I will not ask for any percentage of anything you make, nothing at all like that.


Just be aware that if your content does raise flags, it will be reviewed and if it is deemed offensive, you will be removed from R.R.G. (And by offensive I mean you've got to do some outlandish stuff/say some outlandish things and mean them. Also, when I mention "say some outlandish things" I don't just mean telling a bad joke or whatever. I can tell the difference between someone just BS'ing around and actually meaning something.)


I should also mention if you go silent for longer than a 45 day period you will be taken down from the R.R.G Creators page until/if you come back.


I've had a lot of people try to be creators and then give up after only a short while for a myriad of reasons; some completely understandable and some just because they didn't become the next PewDiePie/Ninja after 2 months of trying. So, please, take content creation seriously and understand that it is a process. Sometimes a slow process but if you're serious about doing it, it can be done and I will be more than happy to help you by promoting you to the best of my ability and as R.R.G grows, all content creators will benefit from that growth. You just "gotta keep swimming"

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